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A topic O’ the day

Why don’t we have something where a select group of people (who ever signs up) picks a topic every day. That way we allways have something to talk about (and hopefully act about). Also I feel that we should all play scrabble together every-other wednesday (except for the last wednesday of every odd month) I have a colon cleanse on that day… just kidding, about the scrabble. But I am totally serious about the topic dejour so whudya think?

The inventory

hey every-body. It seems like I found my way back to, feels good. I hope this isn’t reaching, but I think that this experience is relevant to the inventory. Maybe I haven’t been aware of this in the past, but since I have been trying to monitor my mental activity I notice that when simply glancing at words and sentences I will see words and phrases that aren’t actually there. This can be kind of an inconvience as you can imagine and I must admit I’m not really focused at these times. It happens with people’s faces too.

I remember reading the time that CC witnessed a dying creature, but upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a simple piece of cloth.

finding a teacher

How does everyone feel about finding a teacher? The consensus, I gather, from reading around, and CC is that personal power will bring one, but do you thing that precludes us from seeking.

I recently was on the web looking from more information on recapitulating, which I’m currently doing, and I randomly pulled up a website that I’ve been looking for, for a while. I had forgot the name of it , and I had given up on finding it, even though I remembered it had a alot of good information. So I randomly pulloed it up and began to read thru it. I felt good about the content (it had been months since I last saw it), and I get to a part where their offering online, intensive 6 week cources…for a fee. The sceptic in me’s first reaction was to scoff, ”
Wow 65 bucks per class, how dare they reduce something so magical into something that resembles an on-line college course”. But after examining my true feelings I realized that I didn’t like the3 idea of an online class because it made me feel like a number. “This is all my personal power could muster up”, or something like that. So I concluded that in MY case my initial feelings were modivated by self inportance and with the omen of randomly finding the site decided to sign up.

Please relate your experences in finding a teacher, and/or your thoughts about the subject.

Ken Eaglefeather

I’m about a quarter of the way thru “on the toltec path” by ken eagle feather and I must say that I am pleasently suprised. I read “the art of sexual energy” and it turned me off to the whole “Don Juan taught me too” kinda thing, but this is different. I’ve realized all the dogma I carry around. He changes most of the terms, such as; ranger instead of warrior, field instead of attention (first field, second field, third field), focal point instead of get the idea. It seems to me he did this in order to explain things differently. He connects the dots, so to speak, which I found usefull because it validated some of my reasoning in the gray areas of CC books. This is starting to sound like a book review so I’ll cut it short…to late.

questionable stalking behavior

I’m at the point where I am using certain behaviors in my stalking, not from the standpoint of acting them out, but feeling them, intending them, etc. And these states include an element of self importance in them ie:intimidation, aloofness. Now I am able to switch back to my baseline state, but if those emotions and feelings are energy draining, doesn’t that confuse the issue?

Initial effects

After I recapitulate I feel heavy and important. It’s disheartening because I’ve worked hard to cultivate my mood. This importance carries over into my daily interactions and the shift is dramatic. Upon seeing glimpses of my true self, I don’t feel so confident. Upon realizing that I still have loads of self-importance it causes me to doubt my judgment. Please help with your experences and advice. :blink:

Partial awarness

Instances of partial dreaming attention can be just as fasinating as total attention, and for me, they are definetly more frequent. I thought it would be nice if we discussed them. Anyone?

i got the fever!!!!

i have a fervor, and a doubt. there seems for me to be a fine line between unbending intent and obsession. these momments of obsession, however brief, come in the form of forgeting that this path with heart is just one of many, that all paths end the same, and i somtimes judge. If i were a christian i would probably lean towards “bible thumping”. But at the same time posting on this web site for me has allowed me to conceptulize feelings and consolidate and employ my knowledge.

my doubt comes in the form of not having anyone to critisize me and give me feedback on my progress. i know i’m missing things, an indulgence here, some self- importance there, but at the same time I can’t stop for fear of these things, i must press on and deal with these facts as they are made known to me. so feel free to be brutally honest.

it’s been nice chatting with lilac, and i enjoy reading ensonar’s post’s. having a place to express my predilections means alot to me, and the interaction with fellow warriors is something that at this time I am missing in my day to day life. so if i ramble, or seem to be a know it all, you may be right, or.. you could be wrong.

thanks all


Dreaming in teams/inorganic being

has anyone had an opportunity to dream with someone? has anyone made contact with any type of inorganic bieng while dreaming?

the messages between the lines of CC’s book intrigue me. one of the biggest for me is when Don Juan was explaining the different types of inorganic beings, he called the (third?) type dangerous and said they tend to hide behind family members that illicit emotional responses, he told carlos to avoid them at all cost. carlos described his encounter with them as “pure poisen”. Has anyone experenced this? Does anyone have any ideas as to what they might be?


Hi, my name is ryan and I would first like to say what a nice website this is. My father introduced CC to me when I was a kid and thru the years I would read them over and over, wishing I had the balls to make a go at it. I remember hoping I was a dreamer cause stalking behavior filled me with such dread. For a year now I’ve begun taking real action. I don’t even care If CC was lying because the stuff works! I hope to make some real connections with people who are DEDICATED and ruthless with the self. CC said himself that maybe he was was just a “little bit crazy” and I think that’s what it takes.