A topic O’ the day

Why don’t we have something where a select group of people (who ever signs up) picks a topic every day. That way we allways have something to talk about (and hopefully act about). Also I feel that we should all play scrabble together every-other wednesday (except for the last wednesday of every odd month) I have a colon cleanse on that day… just kidding, about the scrabble. But I am totally serious about the topic dejour so whudya think?

6 Commentsto A topic O’ the day

  1. ensonar dice:

    Sounds like an interesting idea. Maybe you should start so we can see what you have in mind?

  2. Chipola_english forum dice:

    Will be more easy dont open topics like

    dream with your dick
    Tensegrity Martial Art

    and those stuffs out of the way.

    Then the need to make select topics dont will be necessary.

  3. ensonar dice:

    Oh chipola, negative Nancy, always trying to rain on the parade. How I love you so.

  4. Chipola_english forum dice:

    ok ok only a humble opinion to save work.
    sorry if sounds a little negative.

  5. ryan dice:

    Ok, I will start it off. Today I will think of something. But idealy the person should have a days notice. Me thinks that this excercise will bring us together ūüôā . If you guys like it we will all take turns.

  6. ryan dice:

    After further contemplation I have decided to withdraw this suggestion. At this momment in time I don’t think it would be good for me.