Partial awarness

Instances of partial dreaming attention can be just as fasinating as total attention, and for me, they are definetly more frequent. I thought it would be nice if we discussed them. Anyone?

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  1. firefox dice:

    Partial dreaming attention? I believe you’re speaking of something else.
    So start the discussion. Tell us about it.

  2. ryan dice:

    Instances where you have a partial awareness of dreaming but no volition, or more acurately no desire to control the dream. I posted this a while ago but I am interested in the dreaming content in such experences.

  3. ensonar dice:

    I haven’t had any like this that I can recall. There’s plenty of times where I have become aware only to sink back into non-awareness, or to just wake up entirely. But that isn’t your question.

    Have you had this experience? If you have, could you explain your experiences?

  4. ryan dice:

    When I have partial awareness of dreaming it usually is an intensely real dream full of rich symbolism and emotion. Invariably its content either has family members or sexual elements. It’s not like actual dreaming in the sense that you carry your intent and the full sense of yourself. It’s range varies between realizing that one’s actions carry no real consequence; and being able to self-reflect on the dreams contents and symbols but having no impulse to act. What in are daily activities and which intent shapes the degree of our dreaming awareness? Or is it just random.

  5. ryan dice:

    Recently I had a dream where I was sitting at my desk. I realized I was dreaming, but as soon as I did, everything began to fade and I couldn’t keep the dream in focus. I woke up, or so I thought, and had a dream that seemed as real as everyday life. What got me thinking is while in this dream I had all the mental faculties I would in normal waking life: I could analyze, reflect, reason, in fact I was reflecting on my dream of sitting at my desk that I had just had. I then had the same dream again (of sitting at my desk) and again realized I was dreaming, and the dream faded, as in the first time, and I had another false awakening. It was like the event happend twice.

    On Oct 10 when I first posted under this topic, I was trying to get a discussion going along these lines. Dreams that don’t fit nicely into any catagory. In this case, by definition, I didn’t have dreaming attention during the false awakening because I didn’t know I was dreaming. But that was the only component that was missing, I still had that “residue” of attention that Don Juan was talking about. And it came sandwiched between a dream that I did have minimal instance of dreaming attention, I wonder if there is any connection? Does anyone have similar experiences with dreams like these? Dreams with missing components. Do you think they serve a specific pupose from the standpoint of our path?

  6. Lilac dice:

    What I would call “a partial awaresness” in me falls mostly in two categories. Either I do in my dream something that almost makes me realize that I’m dreaming (and I could go aware, but somehow I don’t), or I dream something that is so close to reality I have to think it deeply is this dream or not.

    An example of the first one I had some nights ago. I was in my childhood house and suddenly I could levitate about a foot high from the floor. I went around my home like that three circles and said to my brother that maby I’m dreaming.

    An example of the second kind from past years was that I was lying on my bed and my partner came home and started to wash dishes. All the sounds were so real and familiar, that when I really woke up, I felt odd that there was only silence and nobody in the apartment with me.

  7. joyseph dice:

    this is partial awareness to me:

    in the dream you wake up and do something. like the other night i ~dreamed~ I woke up and looked out the window and saw a big black dog.

    if only i would have looked back at the bed and seen myself there …

    then we might be talking something!!