Dreaming in teams/inorganic being

has anyone had an opportunity to dream with someone? has anyone made contact with any type of inorganic bieng while dreaming?

the messages between the lines of CC’s book intrigue me. one of the biggest for me is when Don Juan was explaining the different types of inorganic beings, he called the (third?) type dangerous and said they tend to hide behind family members that illicit emotional responses, he told carlos to avoid them at all cost. carlos described his encounter with them as “pure poisen”. Has anyone experenced this? Does anyone have any ideas as to what they might be?

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  1. Lilac dice:

    In one book there are mentioned inorganic beings who can give you “electric shocks”. The other type has “watery kind of electric shock” and the other “dry…”

    When I was about 5 years old I saw in my dream creature who had human like body and a head of a bird. His mere presence was like a electric shock to me (I guess a dry one). Instantly I fell back from him.

    In my lucid dreams as an adult I have met all kind of creatures who are “otherwordly”, mainly as being like “living objects”, toys etc. But I haven’t seen any of them changing to pure energy, yet.

    Although in my waking life I do have seen cloud and smoke kind of apparations in my home…

  2. firefox dice:

    Honestly, why should inorganic beings be interested in us? We aren’t exactly a storage of energy or in any way powerful toltecs 🙂 I think we can only meet an inorganic being by an amazing accident. And we aren’t strong enough to intend meeting them like CC was told to.
    All these things that people take for inorganic beings are just illusions, I think. Meeting the inorganic beings is too advanced for us, although maybe someone here is advanced enough or has practiced for many many years.
    The same with dreaming in teams, too advanced for us.

  3. Lilac dice:

    I think CC said in one of his books that there are plenty of inorganics in normal people’s normal dreams, and when one starts to Dreaming there are some, but after that inorganics mainly vanish from sorcerer’s dreams. Atleast this impression I got from one of his books, I guess is was The Art of Dreaming.

    I don’t think it’s about that wether one has energy or not, but wether some inorganic can use a person in the activities it has (what ever those are)… So I think we are almost a prey or material to them! And when one of us human beings starts to find out how s/he can use inorganics for his/hers own good, then those creatures are mainly gone.

    But may it be like this or not, today I don’t have any Dreams, and when I last had, there were no “odd creatures”. Only in those first Dreams I had when I started to Dream there was.

  4. ryan dice:

    The reason I asked this question in the first place is once while dreaming I was aware of falling asleep over and over again, every time I woke up, upon falling back asleep I was conscience of the whole process, everything. Or one time I remember in what position I fell asleep and then was compelled, in my dream, to lie down in that same position and then I woke up in another dream. (by the way, this really does work for fixing my dreaming attention). I’m telling this because up to that point and in-between occurences I won’t have any dreaming attention, or very little. In these intense dreaming sessions I will grab people and ask them who they are and whose power I’m using to be able to all the sudden be able to do these things. Sometimes we just end up playing weird dreaming games or someone will say that it’s because of them. I feel weird telling this story, but it’s real to me. Any comments?

  5. firefox dice:

    That’s normal. You had energy. Maybe you practiced self-stalking very intensely a few hours just before sleep 🙂 Or you did something else. Noone will just give free energy to you, but you can save enough during the day to influence your dreaming.
    Btw it’s funny how inorganic beings are always scapegoats 🙂 CC’s 9th book when it was read for the first time made me paranoid: while falling asleep without losing consciensness there started to come a sensation of being forcibly dragged out of my body by a great force. Of course, it was just an assemblage point shifting quite normally, and my heroic attemps to resist it were indeed silly 🙂 Surely enough, my thoughts were about inorganic beings. Made me give up on dreaming and on everything else, it was that scary. And so foolish.
    Well, that was a lesson. No inorganic beings paranoia anymore.

  6. smellyfart dice:

    I would be lying if I said I never thought about making it to the realm of inorganic beings and deciding to stay. The more power I get, it seems, the more hornier I get B)

    Can I get a witness?

  7. Warbaryan dice:

    has anyone had an opportunity to dream with someone?


    Someone has…