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How does everyone feel about finding a teacher? The consensus, I gather, from reading around, and CC is that personal power will bring one, but do you thing that precludes us from seeking.

I recently was on the web looking from more information on recapitulating, which I’m currently doing, and I randomly pulled up a website that I’ve been looking for, for a while. I had forgot the name of it , and I had given up on finding it, even though I remembered it had a alot of good information. So I randomly pulloed it up and began to read thru it. I felt good about the content (it had been months since I last saw it), and I get to a part where their offering online, intensive 6 week cources…for a fee. The sceptic in me’s first reaction was to scoff, ”
Wow 65 bucks per class, how dare they reduce something so magical into something that resembles an on-line college course”. But after examining my true feelings I realized that I didn’t like the3 idea of an online class because it made me feel like a number. “This is all my personal power could muster up”, or something like that. So I concluded that in MY case my initial feelings were modivated by self inportance and with the omen of randomly finding the site decided to sign up.

Please relate your experences in finding a teacher, and/or your thoughts about the subject.

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11 Commentsto finding a teacher

  1. admin dice:

    I know my Master tow times.

    One time, he gelp me when i was injured by a ram charger.

    Second time, one companion of high school take me and go to the house of him.

    In any of the two cases, i stay with him, if the incident was alone.

    IMHO, a master in the intent dont want a fee. They want a COMPROMISE, a DUTY.

  2. ryan dice:

    do you mean he wanted you to do something in exchange for his services?

  3. admin dice:


    Must of he real masters only can train you if you show interest in three areas at once:

    1 ) For yourself ( non autodestructive )

    2 ) For others Truth Seekers.

    3 ) For the Knoeledge without fear or use it … and never for your own benefit.

  4. ensonar dice:

    Teachers are everywhere. I believe the most directly Nagaulistic practice of “finding” a teacher would be the search for a good petty tyrant. However, finding one that holds our life and well being in their hands, in this day and age can be quite difficult. But finding people who annoy us, and then intentionally spending time with them shouldn’t be too difficult at all.

    Otherwise, I am a firm believer in martial arts. I believe its worth the time and effort searching around for a good style and teacher, because as with anything else, there are a lot of bad ones out there. Also there are teachers and styles that might not suit our own particular personalities and needs. But in general I think martial arts and Nagualism work quite well together. Martial arts can help you gain more discipline, strength, energy, focus, and quietness; all things that should help one in their Nagualist practice.

  5. DrakeWan dice:

    everyone around you is your teacher…. EVERYONE…..

    don’t ignore anyone or anything anyone does …. its all equal..

  6. ryan dice:

    I’m not kissing Ensonar’s ass, but would he/she said about petty tyrants being your teacher brought things into foucus for me. I know it’s a simple statement, but it was one I overlooked. But I don’t understand why most people seem to be so averse to finding a real teacher, or forming a team. Burning with the Fire from Within is our goal right? Total freedom. Carlos didn’t do it, after all, all any of us got is a chance to have a chance. A sorcerec team is necessary to have that chance. Total freedom isn’t easy to obtain, help is needed, and a real teacher would definetly speed things along. We have no guarentees, none. The Spirit isn’t some benevolent force that sees how hard we’re trying and expresses it’s compassion by helping us along. We’re on our own, and I need people who’s strengths are my weaknesses.

  7. BratscheWarrior dice:

    Well, it’s true, petty tyrants are great teachers. Interacting with them is a great chance to observe them AND ourselves. One situation that i am in now is with a teacher who i willingly go to his class because he can be a huge asshole. But after keeping my eyes and ears open, i find out that he has to have some serious health problems. Swelling in the legs and having pale white hands are not normal. Now instead of feeling anger toward him, i now feel empathy. i’ve never been seriously ill, but it has to suck. So i try to laugh and have fun when he is around. There’s no time for anger.

    Finding a teacher, one cannot deliberatly do. Maybe people who do that are volunteers. And apparantly volunteers are not accepted on this path. Be patient, if you require a teacher or a benefactor, the Spirit will provide when the time is right. And be careful when you say that having a teacher will “speed things up.” A teacher is not a nice little shortcut to freedom. And really, the only thing that you need is yourself. Find your weaknesses by yourself. It’s stalking. It’s saving energy. It’s about doing your best in every situation, etc…

    And don’t worry about if Castaneda didn’t burn from the Fire from Within. All that matters NOW is you. And i don’t mean that in a self-important way of course.

  8. ensonar dice:

    Burning with the Fire from Within is our goal right? Total freedom. Carlos didn’t do it, after all, all any of us got is a chance to have a chance.

    I’ve heard this thought kicked around for years, and it’s understandable; Carlos is said ot have died of liver cancer.

    But I do recall Cleargreen posting a statement on their website for a short while after Carlos’ “death” was made public. On the sustained action website, I found the main point of that statement…

    June 22, 1998 – Cleargreen  website puts up Cleargreenââ?¬â?¢s official statement, which includes the following assertion: “For don Juan, the warrior was a being . . . who embarks, when the time comes, on a definitive journey of awareness, ââ?¬Ë?crossing over to total freedom.ââ?¬â?¢ Don Juan described this option to his apprentice: ââ?¬Ë?ââ?¬Â¦warriors can keep their awareness, which is ordinarily relinquished, at the moment of dying. At the moment of crossing, the body in its entirety is kindled with knowledge. Every cell at once becomes aware of itself and also aware of the totality of the body.ââ?¬â?¢

    Carlos Castaneda left the world the same way that his teacher, don Juan Matus did: with full awareness. The cognition of our world of everyday life does not provide for a description of a phenomenon such as this. So in keeping with the terms of legalities and record keeping that the world of everyday life requires, Carlos Castaneda was declared to have died.”

    Now of course everyone will believe whatever they want to believe, but I just thought it’s worth mentioning that Cleargreen did actually address this issue at one point.

  9. smellyfart dice:

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  10. quietxkiller dice:

    I think that the best bet for finding a teacher would be to find a buddhist teacher, as buddhism and the warrior’s way are very similar, then to follow what you could read in books about stalking, dreaming, etc.

  11. regicide dice:

    Here’s an interesting site about a student of qi-gong’s search to find a teacher. Seems he’ll even hook you up with one..for a price. Check out the reference to the Dali Lama not being able to wake up from the dream.