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I am at the point where I feel that I am ready to begin the recapitulation. I have read up on everything I could find and am almost done with my list. Before I begin it would help me a great deal if you could share your expirences with me.

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  1. ensonar dice:

    For me I find that variation works.

    For the deep cleansing, I usually go with a closet or small dark bathroom.

    However, anytime a random memory pops up during the day, I try to take a moment to imperceptibly breath in energy from that memory scene and breath out anything left in me that may be constricting my freedom. It doesn’t matter if I’m at work, in my car, cleaning my house, etc. Recapitulation can be done at almost any time or any place.

  2. Merged dice:

    interesting….i just lay down and start to think of all my memories that pop up starting from the ealriest memories. the ones that make me feel embarrassed or fearful or restrictive i just focus on until i feel nothing.

  3. ryan dice:

    what degree of clarity while recapitulating have you been able to obtain and in what stages did they present themselves to you?

  4. firefox dice:

    Why are you asking questions even before you started? Looks like you’re putting it aside. Start first, noone will do that for you 🙂

    Well, i have a question of my own.
    Don Juan made CC write a list of people and go through them in reversed order, from the last person he met to his parents. That doesn’t work for me somehow. When i strain to bring up memories about some person, they come out pale and lifeless. When i don’t strain and let my mind wander, memories long forgotten come up, sometimes for years. Maybe this isn’t a criterion. But in those memories i can feel forgotten smells sometimes, or vividly see something that i didn’t remember. That must count.
    To bypass this problem i try to claim my intent at the start of every ‘session’. This should be right: to make a copy of my life for the Eagle and become fluid. CC wrote that if you intend the right result, your intent will join the intent of the ancient seers and that will ‘help’ you to recapitulate.
    So that’s the problem in a nutshell (not that my post was extremely short:)). You have to use a list in a strict way and bring memories in reversed order. That basically means that I’m not recapitulating right.
    Any suggestions?

  5. ensonar dice:

    I don’t think there is a right way of recapitulating… only suggestions. There isn’t a set way of doing it even if you read the different books which mention it. Breathing from left to right, right to left, holding the breath between them, etc.

    Also, I’ve read where Carlos mentioned starting with your sexual relationships, because a great deal of energy may be caught up in them.

    From what I gather, the important thing is that we recapitulate. As much as possible.

    And I feel you’re exactly right, our intent will take care of the details.

    However, I do feel at some point, going through your list methodically will be necessary to do a full and complete recapitulation.

  6. ryan dice:

    firefox, you dun pulled my covers. YIKES! :ph34r:

    What can I add that ensonar hasn’t allready said…got to find something…hmm..GOT IT!
    Victer Sanchez suggest that you recapitulate in a closed box, you know, deprive the senses. i think when i finally decide to do it i’ll do it in a cave. what do you think guys, too much?

  7. firefox dice:

    Are you putting it aside again? 🙂
    A cave should be ok, as long as it’s dark there. It can be great if you find a limited closed space, too, so that you barely fit in there. But don’t procrastinate, you can start anywhere and move yourself to another place if you decide so 🙂

  8. Jin dice:

    There’s also 1 better possiobility, but it would be hard to get to.
    I’ve red about special chamber, that is filled with salted water (enought to make you float) with total light and sound isolation. I bet doing recapitulation in one of them would have much greater effect.

  9. ensonar dice:

    I’ve red about special chamber, that is filled with salted water (enought to make you float) with total light and sound isolation. I bet doing recapitulation in one of them would have much greater effect.

    I’ve always been interested in these “isolation tanks” ever since I watched the movie “[url=]Altered States[/url]”. Here’s some more information on them if anyone is interested:



  10. ryan dice:

    All those questions and all I ended up doing is throwing a heavy blanket on me and a pillow to cover my eyes. I really want to recapitulate with the maddening clarity that CC talkes about. Although I’ve had some good insights and have been able to recreate the feelings in the scene I can’t seem to remember what actually was said or the whole event from start to finish. I think one of the reasons for this is because I never really listened to anybody when they talked, and I didn’t pay attention to my surroundings because I was too busy wraped up in my emotions. So I decided to just skip around to all the events in my life that seem important hoping for some quick gaines. My question is: can anybody relate to this, and/or how have you been able to overcome it. Should I take a different approach?

  11. BratscheWarrior dice:

    i’m in the same boat. i haven’t given 100% of my attention to conversation (and here i think i’m a good listener) so i have hole in my recollection of events. i have my list. But i haven’t added on to it in over a year. Right now, it is a detterent because i get to the person i’m to recapitulate and i can’t think of anything to recapitulate. So i skip around my life, taking back “important” moments. Sometimes i get inspired to recap a certain event. The other day, some old ladies sat in front of me and one smelled like tuna fish. Reminded me of a time when a cat came into my backyard with no collar, so i assumed it was a stray. So i fed him a can of tuna. Got back home and recapped that moment. How strange….Then other times, an event that i have recapped will pop into my head, as if i didn’t get all the feelings back…

    Such a monumental task recapitulating is…and yet, we are so inadequate…

  12. ensonar dice:

    I usually just remember feelings if I don’t remember the details of conversations. That and details of the surroundings. As time goes by and with practice, recollections become clearer, more precise; as does the intent to recall and expell energy.

    I don’t think the recapitulation needs to be a huge worrisome monster. I think it is important to do it as often as we can and to the best of our ability or better. But instead of thinking of it as some huge task that we couldn’t possibly finish, maybe it’s better to think of it as a joyous task that we may never finish. But maybe that’s just me. I like doing things for the fun of it.

    I don’t think we’re inadequate at all. We’re human beings and we’re going to die. Everything we do is meaningless. Feelings of inadequacy just seem like another piece self importance.

  13. BratscheWarrior dice:

    i like what you say ensonar. The recapitulation SHOULD be a joyous task. When i say ‘inadequate’, i think of all the things that are against us. Things that don’t want us to succeed. And i’ll admit, these forces still have a hold on me, hence the reason why i can’t do a recapitulation at the moment. Or maybe i’m just making excuses…