Howard Lee

I’m sure that many of you have heard the name. Probably have also heard that Tensegrity was stolen from Lee, a man that Castaneda admired. Does anyone know what Lee’s Light of Life movements are like? Tried to find videos on you tube. Nothing.

Just curious


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  1. ensonar dice:

    I haven’t, but I really like some of what Howard Lee has to say on his website.

    Have you read the interview mentioning his association with Castaneda?


  2. BratscheWarrior dice:

    Yeah, i’ve checked out his site and i also like it. Gotta wonder what Castaneda’s serious health problem was. You would think that as a Nagual, he would be able to heal himself. Maybe he wasn’t as powerful back then. Who knows.

    i’m also really curious how he teaches people to access the “Light of Life” energy. He makes it sound really easy which i am very suspicious about. Nothing about recapitulation, stalking, doesn’t believe in the value of dreaming… But interesting nonetheless.

  3. ryan dice:

    Knowledge has to be learned the hard way. Someone can’t just give you the power to heal. Except maybe the “TRYANT” 🙂 When I read about the seminar it reminded me of the monks who belived that bullits would go right thru them. But who knows maybe Mr.Lee is making money while trying to convice people of other possibilites of awarness. The trickery of the Spirit. Remindes me of someone else…who could that be? 😆

  4. ensonar dice:

    Yeah, the moment anyone ever says that they have a technique that makes change easy, I immediately assume they’re just trying to attract new customers.