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The Spleen

Been getting a pulsing sensation around my spleen lately. Wondering if anyone knows the energetic role of this organ.

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

Seems like Cleargreen and the Shambhala Mountain Center are doing another Tensegrity seminar. Was looking over this Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche who is the leader of the center. I’m going to check out his books when I get the chance. Has anyone here read them (‘Turning your Mind into an Ally’ and ‘Ruling your World’)?

Average folks

i sometimes wonder when i see all the replicated people, doing stupid things out in the open. These people were children at one point. What happened?

Encounters with the Nagual

First, i really enjoyed this book. Thanks true for posting the link. To those who haven’t read it, it is basically conversations between the author Armando Torres and Carlos Castaneda. To me it was great because Torres has only transcribed conversations. There is no real ‘personal’ involvement on his part. Very objective. I have to say that Castaneda’s way of talking is a bit strange to me. Maybe because i’m used to Don Juan’s way of explaining?

What do y’all think of this quote? i’m not quite sure why is will be advantageous to have the earth’s assemblage point at the point of reason.

This is after Torres asked Castaneda what his task is:

“The task which my teacher gave me, and my mission as a nagual for the era which is commencing, is to move the assemblage point of the Earth.”
“He explained that the assemblage point of Earth has changed many times in the past, and will do so in the future. In recent times it has been moving steadily towards the area of reason.

“That is magnificent, because, once it is fixated there, humanity will have an opportunity to move to the other side, and many men and women will become aware. The challenge for the seers of the future will be to maintain that focus for the necessary length of time until it becomes fixated there, becoming a permanent position for the planet, a new center, which we will be able to turn to anytime in a perfectly natural way. “


…Only you can prevent forest fires.

Cd – The First Gate f Dreaming

For those who have practiced with this CD: are there specific passes that correspond to the music or can you practice any passes with the music?

A not-doing for lurkers

For all the lurkers out there, why not consider posting as a not-doing?

Howard Lee

I’m sure that many of you have heard the name. Probably have also heard that Tensegrity was stolen from Lee, a man that Castaneda admired. Does anyone know what Lee’s Light of Life movements are like? Tried to find videos on you tube. Nothing.

Just curious



Been thinking a lot about ways to show affection for the earth. Started a few days ago after it was clear that my affection for a certain person could/would not be returned. Based on the stalking i’ve done, no one i’ve had feelings for has ever felt the same way. Depressed me a bit. Felt alone (more than usual). So i decided to switch my affection from people (women in particular) to the earth. And i felt myself wanting to take advantage of people, squeeze them for my own gain. And that’s not right. Doesn’t jive with the Warrior’s Way. So while i have concluded that no woman will see me in a romantic way, doesn’t mean that i can’t care for them, seek a relationship with them not based on what i can get out of them, but rather how i can blend/compliment them. And that will have to be enough.

So i ended up committing myself fully to the Way of the Warrior a few days ago. i have purpose. Started recapping again. Learned some new Passes. And began to really think how else i can show affection for this world. How to let it know that i’m ready to experience it’s mysteries.

Not sure if there is a real question/discussion in my little stream of thoughts, but if this inspires any comments, go for it.

When events line up

Things seem to be lining up for me lately. More than usual. What i mean by this is that i’ll be thinking or doing something about someone or something. Soon after, something else related to this event will happen. 2 examples:
1. Was checking out a school friends website last week. Haven’t talked to him in a few months. He calls me yesterday.

2. i have this Brahms Intermezzo that i like. Real pretty, unexpected chord changes…20 minutes ago i listened to it. Watching a Star Trek episode just now (20 minutes later) and in the background is that same piece!!!

Not sure if this synchronicity means anything, but it sure is pretty neat.