the neurophysiology of change

check this link to the triune brain:


Notice how the brain has evolved – first survival, then emotion and memory, then learning, speaking, reading and writing…
If you could see the path of information, it comes up the spinal cord and into the reptilian brain where it moves through the reticular activating system in which items of awareness are “measured and weighed” or judged as acceptable or not. If there is nothing comparable in the inventory, the item is rejected. It has been said that a mere 30% of what we actually perceive gets through the reptilian brain into our conscious awareness. 70% of reality gets rejected.

There is something here to DJ’s statement that we don’t learn unless our lives are on the line. This is why you have to be tricked into this; you have to need it to survive. If it’s not necessary for survival, the reptilian brain most likely rejects it before it gets to the neo-cortex and is seen as reality.

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  1. true dice:

    So then, how can we we change? How can we get something new, that we know we’re not (but we want to be), into reality, i.e. past the guard in the reptilian brain into the neocortex? We have to put the “wolf” in “sheep’s clothing”. How to do that? I’m aware of three ways to clothe the unknown so that it is acceptable. I’m sure there are more, but these are the one’s I know:

    1. in dreaming we can slip past the guard while it’s not so alert.
    2. intent, which for these purposes I’ll define as “disguising something unknown as ‘already is'”.
    3. is another version of intent – to change your definition of survival to include – to necessitate – change, i.e. not staying/remaining in one place. (To be fixed to any position is to open yourself to attack by predatory forces in the universe – a moving target is harder to hit.) If you feel with your whole being that living like a warrior is absolutely necessary for survival, it will slip by with/as the “fight or flight” response which is acceptable/conditioned to the reptilian brain/guard.