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This is an opportune time to say Hi and introduce myself.

My name is Bill and my screen name is “Remember”. The word “remember” is most significant to me as it has several meanings where I’m concerned, so I’ve adopted it. I was in an accident two years ago and suffered multiple injuries including brain trauma (multiple lacerations to the frontal lobe, various contusions & bruised brain stem), 3 broken vertabrae of the neck with spinal cord trauma, broken shoulders (both), etc. I awoke from a coma with complete amnesia. Not only did I have to “remember” who I was, but also basic things such as words and how to speak. I also had to relearn how to use my hands and walk.

I was introcuced to CC with his first book (The Teachings of DJ) in an anthropology class when I was in college……..it must have been in the late 60’s or early 70’s.

There’s so damn much to this story, it’ll take awhile (future correspondence) for it all to come out. However, you may find it interesting (and germaine to the subject matter of this website) that I awoke from the coma with almost no inner dialog going on. Additionally, somehow I was pushed (to some degree) into my left side awareness and stayed there for many months (maybe still). During this period I came to the knowledge/awareness that I’ve been a stalker all of my life (but that’s another story).

Needless to say, these things (among others) are having a profound impact into my life. Hence, my reason for joining this forum.

I want to know, understand and “remember” more………………….

Thank you, I’m happy to make your acquaintance,

Bill (Remember)

Just Arrived

🙂 Hello. Please call me Parker. I hope everyone is doing well. Also, I hope to share and learn from the wonderful dialogue that is here. About five years ago, I was introduced to CC/don Juan not so much by his books, but rather by a freethinking, open, giving person. This person gave me a new understanding, assisted me to see things differently, and later, I discovered CC’s books on my own. Since then, new gifts have arrived.

I look forward to reading posts and discussions. Good day farting :blink:

I must let the cat out

Hello All.
It is temperamental, this condition I’m in. The weather outside is light and still. Inside things are slow.
It keeps changing no matter what I do, I can’t predict it, how could I?
If only I could find out who’s in charge maybe I could find out what’s going on?
Subscribe to a newsletter to keep me informed so I might at least be able to plan in advance?
Maybe I could apply for the position to be in charge, then I could control it couldn’t I?
But then if I’m controlling it, I would no longer be where I am, would I?
I must let the cat out.
Well then maybe there is no one in charge?
But there’s a definite pattern, albeit a random one.
How do I know its a pattern, it night just be a coincidence?
But it must mean something, else why does it keep happening?
Hello. I am wall.

hi from ruthless

wow, very interesting.
since about 2 or 3 years I’ve been on the Internet, surfing & “skimming” for Toltecs & nagualism. this site feels different somehow.
at a really early age i became interested in philosophy, beliefs, etc., please, just don’t make me say religion. well, i started out on roman-catholicism, but soon hit the harder stuff. when i was 11 & my cat died i was talking to my priest about it & i said it was okay because my cat was in heaven now and father schmidt declared;”no, animals don’t have souls, so your cat won’t be in heaven.” i never looked back…..
so in the aftermath of that (i was living in germany & english was my distant 2nd language) i started reading Kant, Schoppenhauer and more or less settled on Nietzsche. so then a bunch of life happened & when i was 20 i tried to commit suicide. after that didn’t work out, i read Journey to Ixtlan & overnight (almost literally) my life changed.
that’s about 30 years ago now. i strayed off the path with heart so completely that i even spent eight & a half years in prison. talk about a separate reality….
so for pretty much 33 years i’ve been a solo hunter & warrior (oh sure, in my travels i met lots of people who thought CC & DJ were cool or interesting); but i was always looking for (not really looking) but interested in finding people who thought that the teachings of Don Juan were something to live by & act on.
like i said, 3 years ago, when i emerged out of the stone age, i ran into some of the other fine toltec writers like Ken Eaglefeather, Victor Sanchez, Armando Torres etc. Heard about tensegrity, and a bunch of toltec workshops etc. haven’t had the pleasure of attending any workshops or tensegrity meetings. you?
but like DJ said, “we really don’t need anyone to teach us. all we need to be made aware of is that there is an assemblage point & that we can move it.”
i think that’s enough of an intro for now….
rivers & rainbows, ruthless


Thank you, everybody, for letting me tag along. Thank you, EnsoÃ?±ar, for starting and maintaining this site. I have read a lot too (not as much as True), and books are getting me nowhere. I am reading nothing now except the back of the cereal box. My name is Crow because crows are always around during major events in my life. I don’t know whether they are trying to help me out, or looking for a free lunch (they like road kill).


My intro is a little late. I didn’t want to say anything about myself, but then I thought it might help to find people with common interests.
So I’ve studied just about everything and like to find the common threads between various practices. I’m familiar with teachings from Castaneda, Gurdjieff, J. Krishnamurti, Osho, Eckhart Tolle, the traditions of Zen, Advaita, Kabbalah, Alchemy, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Taoism, Western Magick, Sacred Geometry and Stoicism.
After much reading and acquiring knowledge I finally understood that knowledge is a hindrance and not a solution. By living in a state of not-knowing one finds the present to be quite extraordinary, wondrous, even miraculous. As DJ says, “When you see there are no longer familiar features in the world. Everything is new. Everything has never happened before. When you see and gaze at something it becomes nothing, and yet it is still there.” Well, I’ve gazed at myself and realised that I’m nothing too. And I’m still here. And I still read. I’m currently enjoying various speakers on non-duality: Steve Harrison, Jeff Foster, Ramana Maharshi and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. Castaneda’s teachings have been at my core all this time, and when I came across non-duaity I noticed the similarities with seeing, the second attention and the unknowable. So I’m refreshing myself with CC’s writings with this new awareness that the “I” doesn’t have any inherent existence or substance other than thought, and so it seems to cut through much of the exercises and efforts and disciplines to control the self or self-importance when you realise there is no self and nothing is important. To quote DJ again, “When a man learns to see, he realises that he can no longer think about the things he looks at, and thus everything becomes unimportant. All things are equal and thus unimportant.”

So there’s my story.
Oh, and I chose the name true with the intention of meaning sincerity, and not anything self-important as in right and wrong, true and false, etc.

See you around.

not doing

[size=2][SIZE=7]On not doing I find walking blind folded running short distances and even trying to see my hands is a good practice for me B) [/size]


Hello. My name is Calvin and I am 17. I found Carlos Castaneda books a couple of years ago, and I was hooked. Since then, I have been reading any book I can get about Toltec and Nagualism, and I try to follow the warriors way as best I can. I joined this forum because I was interested in talking to other people about Nagualism to expand my knowledge a little bit.

Greatings from OldDog

Hi everyone,
At bit about me: 37yrd male married twice, divorced once, two daughters. Have one dog, a cat and a mouse. We live in Maine, USA. Have been reading CC since I was a teenager. Have re-read the books many times. These are the only books I have read more then once ââ?¬â?? they never seem to get old! Felt as if I was the only one who appreciated his works but after reading through your boards, am happy to find my feelings baseless.

allow myself to introduce….myself

I’ve been walking this dusty path for 4 yrs now. And yet I feel that I too am the dust on this dusty road. Which brings me to my most important point. I want a new pair of Nike’s.