Thank you, everybody, for letting me tag along. Thank you, EnsoÃ?±ar, for starting and maintaining this site. I have read a lot too (not as much as True), and books are getting me nowhere. I am reading nothing now except the back of the cereal box. My name is Crow because crows are always around during major events in my life. I don’t know whether they are trying to help me out, or looking for a free lunch (they like road kill).

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  1. ensonar dice:


    And yeah, but no, books have gotten me everywhere! Great launching pads IN MY HUMBLE OPINION.

  2. true dice:


    I got the impression that the crows are eyeing you as road kill, at these major events. I don’t know if you were insinuating that, but it’s funny.

    Here’s a million books summed up in two sentences:

    Life is THE major event. Fragmenting it is the source of suffering.

    And here’s my commentary:

    Be very careful how you define the word “Life”.
    Your experience of life will be according to your definition of it.
    So exclude nothing.
    And there’s a trick to excluding nothing:
    If you are “living a life”, “having a life” or somehow in life or a part of life, then you have intended yourself seperate from life. Let it be just life, and no “you”, or you’ll be searching forever.

    Apparently useless knowledge, and yet amazingly authentic.

    Greetings Crow!

  3. Crow dice:

    Thank you, True, for your insight. This is exactly what I was hoping for in this forum. You are absolutely right. Events and objects have no inherent value; only our perceptions of them do. If I were a warrior, these “major events” would have no more significance that any other events. I have never seen these crows but I suspect that they are not birds. They come to me when they know that I am about to transform into a plump and juicy fart. I am roadkill in fart form. I am not a fart today. I haven’t been one for three days. Before that, I was on an extended trip into flatulence since May. I don’t know how to stalk. Every time I try to stalk, I get wrapped up in my idiotic role and just turn into a fart.

    You are partially to blame for this lucid moment, True, I hope you are happy.

    I really do hope that you are happy.

  4. true dice:

    What exactly is your method of stalking? What is the stalking you’re trying to do that ends up in fartsville?

    The stalking I’m into is this:

    “I’m not being a warrior” (I observe this thought arising)
    “Today, I’m a pretty good warrior” (I observe this thought arising)
    “I’m stalking” (I observe this thought arising)
    “I’m a fart” (I observe this thought arising)

    I notice that sometimes I’m “it” or “on”,
    and sometimes I’m “not it”, I’m “off”.
    I notice that “it” and “not it” are thoughts arising.
    I notice that “on” and “off” are thoughts arising.
    I notice the correspondence of these thoughts with certain events.
    I notice that thoughts and events change, but that the observer or noticer is constant. Even if I “go unconscious” or “automated, habitual, asleep, etc.”, the noticer still notices that I’ve done this.
    I then allow my awareness to “withdraw” into just noticing, without attachment or identification with thought/events arising.

    But this is not a goal. Who wants to remain in non-attachment, non-identification forever? Who can remain anywhere? States of awareness, too, are arising and passing away. All “states” of awareness happen IN awareness. Awareness is the one constant behind everything – the ground of being.

    So don’t identify with identification or non-identification. :blink:
    Don’t attach to attachment or non-attachment. 😀
    (Observe the thought “that is better than this” arising)
    Notice that “better” is always sometime other than now,
    always someplace other than here,
    always something other than this.

    “How do you know”, I ask myself, “that this is not enough?”
    “How do you know that this isn’t all there is?”
    “Where is this ‘better other’?”
    “In the future, in the past, in the mind…”
    “What is this future, this past, this mind?”
    “Thoughts reflecting upon themselves…”

    In this way, I stalk myself until I’m no longer there, until there is no reflection;
    and life is just living, as it has always been.

    From here, the ideas of being a warrior and being self-important are equal follies;
    and the ideas of controlled folly and uncontrolled folly are still equal follies!!!
    As are the personal and impersonal, the ordinary and extraordinary,
    self and other, thinking and not thinking, freedom and bondage, life and death ….
    All of these have integrated/disintegrated (??) into the oneness which is Life, Self, That Which Is, The Unavoidable Present, Spirit, Tao, Infinity, Nagual …
    (so many names for this One thing that is no thing!)

    And then I make some nachos, grab a beer and watch football.
    And if that sounds less than extraordinary, then you’ve already forgotten oneness and identified with a dualistic dream.
    Which is fine.
    To forget something as obvious as this is quite extraordinary!
    The mystery prevails!

  5. BratscheWarrior dice:

    Crow, to stalk, at first, stalk yourself. Observe your patterns especially when dealing with people. And observe yourself while you are alone. Thoughts, body position, actions, etc… It’s that simple.

  6. Crow dice:

    Thank you both.

  7. true dice:

    Hey Crow!

    Just wanted you to know that I really am interested in your stalking. I realise that posting my own method may have eclipsed my question to you. There’s several types of stalking, and I’d really like to hear what you’re into, when you have time.

    Maybe being a fart is what you should stalk, since that is what is appearing as your reality; and whatever reality is, I say that’s what spirit wants me to see.

    So maybe stalking as the fart would dis-assemble your world or self-importance or something. :huh:

  8. Crow dice:

    I didn’t want to tell you more because 1) I didn’t want everybody to know TOO much about me and 2) I didn’t want to discuss my failure, and 3) You freaked my out a little with the confrontation with ensonar. He was over dramatic with his request to truncate your work and you went off like a fart. Your pen is mightier than any other pen, but I don’t have time for that shit. I am mortal.

    I am talking about the kind of stalking addressed in the CC book about the Nagual becoming christian for the purpose of drafting the nagual woman. The point was to act in a manner that I wouldn’t ordinarily act to accomplish a goal that I wanted to. You and BracheWarrior have made it clear that I am not ready for this crap yet. I acknowledge that I am not ready for this crap yet.

    I have a serious problem with fear of failure (though, surprisingly, death doesn’t scare me nearly as much) which I need to address before anything else. I also have to look at my goals since you told me that How do I know that what I have isn’t enough?

    I really appreciate your responses and I am not trying to pick a fight with you.

  9. BratscheWarrior dice:

    Hey Crow, i never said that you weren’t ready (just for the record), i gave you tips on how to start. But only you know if you are ready to start so if you don’t think you’re ready, don’t do it yet. Then again, by deciding that you are not ready to stalk, you are already stalking in spite of yourself.

  10. true dice:

    Hi Crow.

    It’s funny how no one has time, yet we’re surrounded by infinity.
    Do people really not have time, or have they learned to tell themselves that?
    When you were a baby, did you think about time and not having enough?
    If not, it’s learned… acquired… it’s not who/what you are. It’s a belief.
    As a belief, we have to decide if it’s useful or not… controlled folly.
    I don’t find it always useful. Death is my companion, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have time. When you live in this present moment, it doesn’t matter if you have time or not… this is all there is.
    The fact about time is, it arises when the “me” arises. When there’s a “me”, there must be an “other”, then there must be distance between me and other, so there must be time. But if this “me” is seen to have no actual existence, then other and time have none either.
    Maybe that sounds like all pen to you. It’s different when you’ve tasted it. I’m not philosophising at all. I wouldn’t waste our time.

    Actually, I said “how do I know that this isn’t enough?” “This” isn’t something you have or get or attain. “This” is whatever this present moment presents. The present is presenting itself. You can’t do anything about it. It does you.
    The computer before you, your heart beating, the dog barking, your stomach growling, the feel of your feet against the floor, thoughts arising and passing away, the smell of coffee and the warmth of the cup in your hand…. Whatever your present moment is, when you’re present in it, it is full, complete, lacking nothing. This present moment is the unmanifest manifest as life… whatever life may be in that moment, and nothing can be added or taken away to make it any more perfect, or perfectly imperfect.
    But you won’t know that unless your thoughts quiet down and you are actually here. Thought is always elsewhere. You cannot add thought to the present moment without obscuring its presence. But once you realise this present presence, you’ll realise thought has never obscured it. :blink:

    I don’t live in presence all the time. Well, I do, we all do, but I’m not always aware of it. But that’s okay, because I’ve seen that nothing that I do alters it, there’s nothing I can do to achieve it, there’s nothing I can do to lose it. It is beyond “I”. “I” is a happening in this infinite present oneness. So if “I” farts, it is of no consequence. “I”s do whatever they do. Farting or being an impeccable warrior … neither adds to or takes away from this infinity that you and I truly are. Neither gets you closer or farther (how could there be distance for infinity?).

    Some people here think that what I’m saying isn’t the warrior’s way or CC’s teaching, and part of that is my fault for labelling it non-duality. But it is. It’s the end of the teaching where you drop even the sorcerers’ description. But everyone expects, because CC said so, that we have to go through decades of discipline to get there. Discipline what, who? These thoughts arising? I don’t see anyone to discipline, and the fact is, no one else sees it either. But they believe in it, because they’ve been taught that it is so from birth by their parents who also believed in it without ever actually seeing it. This “I”, “me”, mind, ego-self… will never be seen because it doesn’t exist. The mirror of self-reflection makes it appear to exist.

    Anyway, infinity is here, now. Or as this other dude said, “When will the kingdom come? It will not come by waiting for it. It will not be a matter of saying, ‘here it is’ or ‘there it is’. Rather, the kingdom of heaven is spread out upon the earth, and men do not see/recognize it. Behold, the kingdom of heaven is upon you, now.”

    Failure is meaningless. Success is meaningless. There is just life to live, and it has no meaning either. lol!

    a little zen:

    Effortlessness cannot be achieved by effort.
    No-mind cannot be achieved by the mind.
    Peace cannot be achieved through striving.