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Gazing in dreaming

I woke up laying on my stomach in an old friends room. I realized I was dreaming, so I automatically looked at my hands. They were bizarre as usual. Then I sat up and looked a digital clock, it was jumbled as usual. So I knew I was dreaming. I decided that I wanted to try and gaze. I sat up and began to stare at the wall. There was a round cat clock that had eyes. The eyes were as real as humans eyes. They moved around amazingly, completely mezmerizing me. I wasn’t indulging though..Then I began to gaze at the wall, and instantly my internal dialog was off. I scanned the room, and didn’t focus on anything in particular. Then the dream went into a normal dream.

What do you all think about that? I have only had a little success in quieting my internal dialog but in this dream it turned off like nothing.

I believe that I am dreamer, and I would like to know more about it.

I bought some books by theun mares, and I hope that maybe he can clarify a few things.


Fundamentals of Dreaming

B) Faithful board members. Let us converse about dreaming.

It has come to my attention that some people think lucid dreaming and astral projection are the same thing. Before I go any further… what say you? I’m interested to know.

Silk Under-garments Galore.

dreams of oneness

Since I’ve had this experience of oneness, this clear, direct perception of THIS, my dreams have changed. I’ve avoided talking about this experience because then people will use it to weigh and measure and believe or not believe, which I guess happens pretty much anyways whether I tell you this or not.

DJ said becoming a man of knowledge is not a final act or accomplishment. The non-dualists say the same about “enlightenment”. We have these ideas and concepts of what liberation is, but they’re all wrong. I tell you, nothing changes except your belief, your certainty. “Chop wood, carry water”… have you heard that one? Or Buddha said “Nirvana is samsara; samsara is Nirvana.” And DJ says everything is still folly… nothing changes! Things don’t stop becoming folly!

Anyway, I had this experience, which is a word that non-dualists wouldn’t use because it refers to duality and I’m trying to speak of oneness… an experience stands out from everything else that is not that experience, and this wasn’t like that. This had always been and always is and will be. I just hadn’t noticed it before. And this direct encounter with reality, what is, actual life… is what gives me this certainty of oneness or non-duality that I toss around here. I don’t need anyone to believe me. I just try to appeal to your reason. Oneness is the only fact, or at least the root fact. All duality is description. Oneness seems like a description from the perspective of duality, but it’s no different than having to give the nagual a name just so we can talk about it, but it’s not an item on the island of the tonal.

Anyway, since this event, my dreams have changed. I don’t know if it’s for good, but it’s been very consistent. Just about every day, every time I’m waking up from slumber, I’m seeing oneness. Sometimes directly, like it’s not a dream of oneness – just oneness. But sometimes they’re dreams about oneness. And it’s fascinating how many different dreams you can have about this one thing. The dream is different each time, but it’s clearly an encounter with oneness.

Like this afternoon as I woke up (I work nights) there were two dreams of oneness. One was just like the description of the island of the tonal. There were all these objects, from a car to a planet to a bug, anything, but it was on this table that you couldn’t see the edges of, and it was black, like it wasn’t there but it was. Come to think of it, all the items were black to, like shiny shadows. And my awareness, the emphasis, was that the table is what all these items share in common.
In the second vision, it was like I was attending all these events that were unique and different in their nature and beliefs and expression, but as I rested into the present of each event, the distinguishing characteristics fell away into oneness and there was no difference. I had the sense of looking through a clear glass that had water spots and dirt in places, but when the glass was cleaned, you couldn’t even know that the glass was there.

Anyway, I’ve been having dreams like this almost every day for about a month. I wake up feeling incredible and alive and happy.

Dreaming with Ron Jeremy’s dick


Sorry. Just humor. No post.

Would be a good story though!

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just curious..

i’ve read a couple of carlos’s books, and have browsed the internet on the topics, and i’ve heard talk of the world of inorganic beings. does anyone think its possible that we can make ourselves open for these beings to cross over to us. for example, by taking a heavy dose of salvia divinorum. in hindsight i get the feeling i shouldnt have put myself in such a position, but it was an oddexperience, and the above idea had crossed my mind.

Where out of this world is DJ

This interview is posted on the old Nagual net and I’ve never come across it.(Be patient while is loads, it takes a minute) The interviewer in my view seemed to ask all the right questions. It seems that Florinda is struggling to find the right words. How tantalizing. Initially I was shocked; Don Juan stuck?! I wonder if these inorganic beings are the same one’s in The Art of Dreaming? Did they fail to stalk the Stalkers? (I think I’ll go back and re-read that chapter :lol:)

HE: Where are don Juan and don Genaro right now?

FD: Well… We… I don’t think…. hmmmm. I have already, you know? I have already, let’s say, I have talked about it already and it doesn’t get across quite properly.

They have made the jump into the inconceivable. They have jumped in terms of… if we want to put it in any kind of physical sense… lets say they have made the leap into the unknown. What is ultimately the unknown? Are they stuck in the world of the inorganic beings? We think, yes. So did don Juan finally make it and his group? In a weird way that’s… let’s say… it’s a world of prisoners as our everyday life is. Its another system.

HE: Well the reason I asked you about the energy of us, people listening to you, people who might be trying to increase their energy level, is could you use our energy to rescue don Juan from the world of inorganic beings, as you rescued Carlos from that world.

FD: No, I don’t… we don’t really know. I think at one time, I think that misunderstanding comes because I thought, let’s say, “Yes, if we have enough energy as we leap to pull him out of it”, but that’s almost like a metaphor, you see? There is… I don’t really know what I… in terms of how can… you see, we don’t have the lexicon to truly describe even the world of inorganic beings. We describe that world as metaphors, although they’re not metaphorical or as something that is already known to us because we don’t have the language to describe something that is unknown to us. It can only be described in something that is known. So, yes, on one level, yes. If we have enough energy we could, as we leap, whatever that means, that leap… just lets say formulate… as a physicist you probably know.

troll in the shower

I live in a dorm with about 8 other people in my room. I walked into the bathroom to take a shower. I stripped down to nothing and as I parted the curtain to turn the water on the sound of a shriek froze me on the spot. I could only stare at what appeared to be a troll squating in the shower stall. Eventually I covered my private parts as my friend with the troll mask exited howling with laughter. Talk about cognitive dissinance, it just initially wouldn’t not compute in my head, what an insane situation. The best part is that that night I reached the 2nd gate of dreaming. I can only think that whatever happened that night before I went to bed in that shower stall gave me that extra bit of energy I needed to go to the next level.

Dreaming with your dick

I notice I always have an erection when I wake up from dreaming. This has led me to make the connection between sexual energy and dreaming that CC talkes about. My problem is I’m worried about my masterbating interfering with my dreaming. I have a high libido and the most I can hold off for is 3 days. Can anybody give me their experiences with this so that I might avoid unnecessary cold showers 🙂

major confusion

I keep having dreams where I become seriously confused about whether I am awake or not.
For instance: last night in one dream I woke up twice (at least) and really thought I was awake … to the point that I started telling people in my dream what I had been dreaming about in the previous dream inside the dream.

What’s up? Anyone have any input?


Night terrors

Hello all. I wonder if any experieced dreamers can give me some advice. At night when drifting off to sleep I often feel a sense of forboding which is followed by what I can only describe as an entity attaching itself to my back. I have tried to prise it loose but it fights me and digs bony fingers into my chest causing a feeling of real physical pain and fear. I have never been successful in removing it. I have tried talking to it but it does not reply. A few times I have ignored it completely and on these occasions I normally sink into dreaming. The last few times though I can feel the entity on my back in the dream which I find repulsive and I force myself to wake up. Any one else experience this? Any one know any tips for dealing with it?