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I would like to suggest that we have a section where we can post quotes from favourite books or magazine articles. There are many sources of information out there and none of us would have access to them all. If we liked the quotes then we could go look for the original source, or just think about the info given in the quote.

U.G. Krishnamurti

I had never heard of U.G. Krishnamurti before. I found this link while browsing the Twilight Zone. Thought I would share it with you all.


He has some interesting things to say.


Has anyone had experience of looking for omens? Spirit apparently communicates with us all the time if we would but notice. I have noticed a few things which could be signs from spirit but I am never certain exactly what they mean. Therefore I cant act on them.
There was one occasion, years ago now, when I was walking in a park with my daughters. We had just left our car when a bird screeched loudly from a tree near to us. “That be omen of danger that be” I said, showing off to the girls “we better be alert”.
Nothing happened on our walk. But when we returned to the car we found that I had forgot to lock it & all our belongings had been stolen. Doh! Wish I had understood the omen a bit better.
Has anyone acted on omens with any success? :rolleyes:

Death of Castaneda

Hey. I have just read that Carlos Castaneda died during the writing of “Tales of Power” & that he had a student who took on his name & wrote the remaining books (The Nagual network) Can anyone spread some light on this?

Night terrors

Hello all. I wonder if any experieced dreamers can give me some advice. At night when drifting off to sleep I often feel a sense of forboding which is followed by what I can only describe as an entity attaching itself to my back. I have tried to prise it loose but it fights me and digs bony fingers into my chest causing a feeling of real physical pain and fear. I have never been successful in removing it. I have tried talking to it but it does not reply. A few times I have ignored it completely and on these occasions I normally sink into dreaming. The last few times though I can feel the entity on my back in the dream which I find repulsive and I force myself to wake up. Any one else experience this? Any one know any tips for dealing with it?