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Lately I’ve had modest success intending energy to my main 7 chakras when I felt it was appropriate. In the Tensegrity book DJ mentions many smaller centers of vitality. Do you guys think he is talking about chakras or something else, because it’s got me thinking of learning the other centers for the reason of intending energy to them. Or do you think the magical passes trump the neccessity for that? Am I stepping outside of the teachings? What are our boundries as nagualist?

Fourth Abstract Core

(Quotation from the “Power of Silence”)

Sorcerers believe that until the very moment of the spirit’s descent, any of us could walk away from the spirit; but not afterwards.
The fourth abstract core is called the descent of the spirit or being moved by intent . It is the full brunt of the spirit’s descent. The fourth abstract core is an act of revelation. The spirit reveals itself to us. Sorcerers describe it as the spirit lying in ambush and then descending on us, its prey. Sorcerers say that the spirit’s descent is always shrouded. It happens and yet it seems not to have happened at all.
There is a threshold that once crossed permits no retreat. Every sorcerer should have a clear memory of crossing that threshold so he can remind himself of the new state of his perceptual potential. One does not have to be an apprentice of sorcery to reach this threshold, and the only difference between an average man and a sorcerer, in such cases, is what each emphasizes. A sorcerer emphasizes crossing this threshold and uses the memory of it as a point of reference. An average man does not cross the threshold and does his best to forget all about it.
Sorcerers say that the fourth abstract core happens when the spirit cuts our chains of self-reflection. Cutting our chains is marvelous, but also very undesirable, for nobody wants to be free.

(End Quotation)

I have wanted to discuss this with all of you for quite some time. Something I hear alot about, amongst Toltecs, is the act of being healed of something being the usher that initially brings them into conscious awareness with the spirit. Choosen, if you will? As this initial contact with Spirit moves the assemblage point, that act ( by a matter of course) , breaks our chains of self- reflection, the first in a long line of movements, culminating at a position called the place of “no pity”.

What I am interested in is your story. I would also like to relate my own too you.

I believe some of us have a more intense brand of the flyers mind than others, in which case I gravitate toward the more intense version. At the time of this story I was in county jail thinking is circles. The same thought turned round and round in my head, detaching myself with each progressive thought further from sanity . I was worring compulsivly about my receding hairling, pulling the hair out on my scalp in a attempt to convince myself that I was not going bald, :blink: I felt my world crashing down as I pondered the size of my dick, I didn’t have a measuring tape, couldn’t remember how long an inch was and didn’t even know what a man’s average size was. If I could only get out of this damned jail, I knew that everytning would be alright, I would be able to convince myself of whatever I wanted. I WAS sick. I was crazy. And I was miserable. I didn’t want to talk to anyone, I didn’t want to do anything but sit in my bed, thinking the same broken thought over and over. Now these episodes would come and go but during one particular episode a thought different from any other I’ve ever had was injected into my mind. It went something like this; “Am I my receding hairline? Is that me?” Now of course this sounds simple, but isn’t that the point? The concepts are so simple, yet they allude us all. With that I began my journey, I began to change. A whole new way of looking at myself and the world was thrust upon me. Remembering my good fortune helps me from sinking too far into any indulgence, and the drive to always move forward.

So there is mine, wan’t to share yours?


The clearer I see things the more I want to grab the world by the tail and put it in my pocket. We are told to treat clarity as though it is a mistake. What does that mean? A point before our eyes that we trust enough to act according to, but not believe? What do you guys think? I’m confused and want to proceed the right way without acting foolishly.


I read somewhere that the pancreas is the organ that is tied to Seeing. What if you had the pancreas removed? Medically, this would probably make you a diabetic.

Self Importance

I thought it would be nice if we had a place to express our battles with self-importance. I’m having a difficult time eliminatiing it 😆

It boggles my mind the extent of self-importance. It is so pervasive, it is a miracle that anyone could ever find his or her way out of that labrinth. I have recently discovered, thru the recapitulation, that my progress thus far (2yrs) has mainly just brought me to the point where I can see what self-importance truly is, and how I manifest it in my life.The recapitulation was a hard sell for me. I always thought I didn’t need it. In my mind I was acting like a warrior should act, and every day I would tweek what I thought a warrior acted like, hoping to find the right combination. I put my EVERYTHING into this task, and when I finally thru up my hands and admitted defeat things changed and became clear. But alas it has just brought me to the point where I can see the work I have in front of me and the fear I have of my truth. It blows to seemingly start over, and I am shocked, embarressed and confused at having the first true glimpse of my “self” (which is repulsive by the way :blink: ). So now I tell myself that I am a warrior only when I’m not looking, because it is something I can never become. And I can’t help but cling tighter to the only things I am sure of. My path with heart and my Unbending Intent.

magical property

“Words are tremendously powerfull and important, and are the magical property of whoever has them.

Still waiting for my Will…….but in the meantime I try to repeat words or phrases to help me focus my intent, for instance; While gazing I repeat (in my head) “It seems -such and such- but you don’t KNOW -such and such”.

Got any magical words?

Get in my belly!! Preez

Heightned Awareness

I’ve just started to enter what I believe to be heightned awareness. For me it’s blocks of time where everything seems clear and all the pieces fit. It’s so exilerating during these times, my whole body feels charged with energy and all I can keep thinking is Wow! I want to feel this way all the time 🙂 My problem is I become obsessed with these states after they pass. Lets talk about your experiences in heightned awareness, I would love to see where this new state of mind is going. Please be detailed.

Looking for a roomie

I need someone to split a hotel room for 2 nights around april 20th in manhatten beach CA, for a clear green workshop. I’m a dude, so let that be known. If your interested let me know asap!

troll in the shower

I live in a dorm with about 8 other people in my room. I walked into the bathroom to take a shower. I stripped down to nothing and as I parted the curtain to turn the water on the sound of a shriek froze me on the spot. I could only stare at what appeared to be a troll squating in the shower stall. Eventually I covered my private parts as my friend with the troll mask exited howling with laughter. Talk about cognitive dissinance, it just initially wouldn’t not compute in my head, what an insane situation. The best part is that that night I reached the 2nd gate of dreaming. I can only think that whatever happened that night before I went to bed in that shower stall gave me that extra bit of energy I needed to go to the next level.

Do you smell what the fart is cooking?

I’m pleased to eventually meet all of you..hopefully. I’m doin the CC thing as best I can, it’s damned hard though! All I know is that this is my path with heart and I hope I fit into what you all have goin’ on here.