hi from ruthless

wow, very interesting.
since about 2 or 3 years I’ve been on the Internet, surfing & “skimming” for Toltecs & nagualism. this site feels different somehow.
at a really early age i became interested in philosophy, beliefs, etc., please, just don’t make me say religion. well, i started out on roman-catholicism, but soon hit the harder stuff. when i was 11 & my cat died i was talking to my priest about it & i said it was okay because my cat was in heaven now and father schmidt declared;”no, animals don’t have souls, so your cat won’t be in heaven.” i never looked back…..
so in the aftermath of that (i was living in germany & english was my distant 2nd language) i started reading Kant, Schoppenhauer and more or less settled on Nietzsche. so then a bunch of life happened & when i was 20 i tried to commit suicide. after that didn’t work out, i read Journey to Ixtlan & overnight (almost literally) my life changed.
that’s about 30 years ago now. i strayed off the path with heart so completely that i even spent eight & a half years in prison. talk about a separate reality….
so for pretty much 33 years i’ve been a solo hunter & warrior (oh sure, in my travels i met lots of people who thought CC & DJ were cool or interesting); but i was always looking for (not really looking) but interested in finding people who thought that the teachings of Don Juan were something to live by & act on.
like i said, 3 years ago, when i emerged out of the stone age, i ran into some of the other fine toltec writers like Ken Eaglefeather, Victor Sanchez, Armando Torres etc. Heard about tensegrity, and a bunch of toltec workshops etc. haven’t had the pleasure of attending any workshops or tensegrity meetings. you?
but like DJ said, “we really don’t need anyone to teach us. all we need to be made aware of is that there is an assemblage point & that we can move it.”
i think that’s enough of an intro for now….
rivers & rainbows, ruthless

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    Nice signature :unsure:

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    Nice to meet you.

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    Rivers and Rainbows indeed. Good to meet you, and look forward to exchanges.

    I have also steeped myself in in Nietszche, and a little bit in Kant. I also found, ironically, a large amount of philosophy and solace in the writings of Franz Kafka.