This is an opportune time to say Hi and introduce myself.

My name is Bill and my screen name is “Remember”. The word “remember” is most significant to me as it has several meanings where I’m concerned, so I’ve adopted it. I was in an accident two years ago and suffered multiple injuries including brain trauma (multiple lacerations to the frontal lobe, various contusions & bruised brain stem), 3 broken vertabrae of the neck with spinal cord trauma, broken shoulders (both), etc. I awoke from a coma with complete amnesia. Not only did I have to “remember” who I was, but also basic things such as words and how to speak. I also had to relearn how to use my hands and walk.

I was introcuced to CC with his first book (The Teachings of DJ) in an anthropology class when I was in college……..it must have been in the late 60’s or early 70’s.

There’s so damn much to this story, it’ll take awhile (future correspondence) for it all to come out. However, you may find it interesting (and germaine to the subject matter of this website) that I awoke from the coma with almost no inner dialog going on. Additionally, somehow I was pushed (to some degree) into my left side awareness and stayed there for many months (maybe still). During this period I came to the knowledge/awareness that I’ve been a stalker all of my life (but that’s another story).

Needless to say, these things (among others) are having a profound impact into my life. Hence, my reason for joining this forum.

I want to know, understand and “remember” more………………….

Thank you, I’m happy to make your acquaintance,

Bill (Remember)

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  1. ensonar dice:

    Hi Bill. Nice to meet you.

    What a strange and interesting story. Have you used any of the techniques described in the books? If so, have they helped you recover from your injuries? And also (as it sounds like from from your story), have the injuries helped, or had a major impact on your practices?

  2. remember dice:

    Hi Ensonar:

    I’m not sure what or which techniques from the books you’re referring to. Please be specific (so I can try to work off memory).

    So far as recovery is concerned, I’m called “The Miracle Man” by the neuro surgeon (and staff) who put my spine back together and installed the titanium device that fused the 4 neck & 1 back vertibrae (3 broken ones fused to the adjacent non broken….medically abbreviated as “C’s & F’s”). The medical team didn’t know how much paralysis and brain damage to expect, but they were all rather shocked when I awoke from the coma, got out of bed……..and promptly fell as I tried to stand.

    Topic of a whole other story: I had a “near death experience”. My deceased mother took me to a meeting with God. Like I said, it’s a whole different story & subject, so I won’t go into details about the “meeting” however, I was touched by God and have experienced miraclous healing.

    Anyway, back to the subject of “exercises”. I’m really not a practicioner of many of the exercises as described in CC’s books, but I do practice exercises that come from a different esoteric and/or socio-ethnic perspective. I meditate, sometimes entertain myself by playing with dreams, I’m big on Prayer, etc.

    One of the complications as well as apparent alignments to CC’s or DJ’s teachings and that seems to further enhance what is happening to me (it’s related to the subject of this website) is that less than 2 months prior to the accident, I had just erased much personal history and possesions. My wife and I had just divorced and I had given most everything to her. So, all of a sudden I find myself in a different geographic locale, with very little to defend (personal material possessions) and almost 20 years of life’s erasure. Regretably in this process I lost my library (all of my CC books as well as everything else) leaving me without research material……………this is one of the areas where “remember” starts to take on new impact to me. I’ve got to try to remember what I’ve read (and where) v/s what is inherently known (or learned by other means than reading)………what I’ve read, what I’ve been told and what I’ve experienced, all start to run together in my mind.

    Ha, another thing that runs together in my mind is time. The linearity references aren’t the same as it used to be for me. For example, my accident just occured a few days ago, and I just woke up from the coma a few days ago, and I came home from the hospital a few days ago, and I joined this website a few days ago, and later I’ll remember writing this post as if it were just a few days ago……….do you see what I’m getting at? Indeed time remains linear, but the linearity seems to miss some sort of reference……..memories don’t really run together, but everything post the accident, all seems to have happened just a few days ago.

    So, enough for now……………………..

    Any comments?

  3. ensonar dice:

    Well, you’ve already mentioned the top two techniques that came to mind when listening to your story. Shutting off internal dialog, and erasing personal history.

    What you’ve mentioned about everything that has happened, seems to have happened only a few days ago sounds very similar to the way that I feel after practicing recapitulation for several years.

    It seems that when looking at the totality of a life, everything that has ever happened is happening right now. All it takes is a slight shift and we can experience it now. All there is, is now. Everything that has ever happened or will ever happen is all happening right now.