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How many Carlos Casteneda books have you read??

Just wondering People, but how many Carlos castenedas books have you read??

Are you in the middle of reading one at the moment?

Do you have any favorite passages?!? ūüėČ

The old nagual site.

Esensonar, this is a post for you. i think Jane from should be banned from this site. As she was the one that ruined the whole of that Carlos Casteneda site :angry: :angry: :angry: , (which was really good.) now there is only this forum. Whilst i think youve done a good job, there is waaay too few people on here.

incidently, do you know, or does anyone know, for that matter, what happened to all the people who were on that site.


does anyone know what carol tiggs and Florinder are doing at the moment?

has anyone here witnessed anything like what is explained in CCs books without the use of drugs?

lol thanks!