dreams of oneness
Since I've had this experience of oneness, this clear, direct perception of THIS, my dreams have changed. I've avoided talking about this experience because then people will use it to weigh and measure and believe or not believe, which I guess happens pretty much anyways whether I tell you this or not.

DJ said becoming a man of knowledge is not a final act or accomplishment. The non-dualists say the same about "enlightenment". We have these ideas and concepts of what liberation is, but they're all wrong. I tell you, nothing changes except your belief, your certainty. "Chop wood, carry water"... have you heard that one? Or Buddha said "Nirvana is samsara; samsara is Nirvana." And DJ says everything is still folly... nothing changes! Things don't stop becoming folly!

Anyway, I had this experience, which is a word that non-dualists wouldn't use because it refers to duality and I'm trying to speak of oneness... an experience stands out from everything else that is not that experience, and this wasn't like that. This had always been and always is and will be. I just hadn't noticed it before. And this direct encounter with reality, what is, actual life... is what gives me this certainty of oneness or non-duality that I toss around here. I don't need anyone to believe me. I just try to appeal to your reason. Oneness is the only fact, or at least the root fact. All duality is description. Oneness seems like a description from the perspective of duality, but it's no different than having to give the nagual a name just so we can talk about it, but it's not an item on the island of the tonal.

Anyway, since this event, my dreams have changed. I don't know if it's for good, but it's been very consistent. Just about every day, every time I'm waking up from slumber, I'm seeing oneness. Sometimes directly, like it's not a dream of oneness - just oneness. But sometimes they're dreams about oneness. And it's fascinating how many different dreams you can have about this one thing. The dream is different each time, but it's clearly an encounter with oneness.

Like this afternoon as I woke up (I work nights) there were two dreams of oneness. One was just like the description of the island of the tonal. There were all these objects, from a car to a planet to a bug, anything, but it was on this table that you couldn't see the edges of, and it was black, like it wasn't there but it was. Come to think of it, all the items were black to, like shiny shadows. And my awareness, the emphasis, was that the table is what all these items share in common.
In the second vision, it was like I was attending all these events that were unique and different in their nature and beliefs and expression, but as I rested into the present of each event, the distinguishing characteristics fell away into oneness and there was no difference. I had the sense of looking through a clear glass that had water spots and dirt in places, but when the glass was cleaned, you couldn't even know that the glass was there.

Anyway, I've been having dreams like this almost every day for about a month. I wake up feeling incredible and alive and happy.

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