Power foods

Does anyone have any suggestions for diet? I’m trying to find foods that will give me the energy and strength necessary to handle many days of non-stop action. This seems to be the tendency right now for me; to cram many things into every single day. At times, I don’t quite have the energy for it, and my mood starts to shift toward the negative.

I tend to eat pretty healthy, but I’m just not sure if I should be eating more carbs, more protien, more meat, less meat, etc. More food in general? Weight isn’t an issue for me. Energy is the only issue.

Are there any athletic people in here who have any dietary advice for warriors?

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  1. Lilac dice:

    I recommend carbon low diet (the main thing being no sugar and no wheat), if one has constipation, wind, nausea, debilitation, menstrual pain or PMS, “rheumatic” pain in hands or feet, yeast etc. If the symptomps are bad, then even fruits (especially dried fruits) and every cereal is no good, nor vinegar or mushrooms.

    This all goes with the fact that agriculture isn’t that old phenomenom, and our species hasn’t used to eating grasses like a horse. And the factory made sugar is absolutely poison to anyone.

  2. DrakeWan dice:

    i recommend simple ancient foods..

    the grapes and carrots contain traces of monatomic elements..
    Our brains are made of irdium and rhodium .. it is what transfers our thoughts…

    you can now buy rhodium and iridium in m-state, I personally use these products… (monatomic salts) I am currently taking the rhodium and iridium from http://www.zptech.net... these products are said to directly feed your light body…

    the rhodium and iridium works on thoughts, and thought firing and cleans the link increases communication between cells.. .. it brings your left brain level with your right brain, and begins to grow them at the same rate.

    each nobel metal links up with certain glands in the body… each nobel metal can be transfered into a state that has in the past not been known or understood by modern science, this is a high-spin state… they become orbitally rearranged monatomic elements.
    Gold heals and corrects malformed cells, as well as a list of other things.
    althought these products come directly from the nobel metals… in their high-spin state they no longer and can no longer test as the metal they came from, thus eliminating any toxic metal effects.

    eating fresh fruits and vegatables will give you the energy you need, I think…
    as well as RO water (reverse osmosis) and perhaps some good juices.

    another thing you might want to try is finding some sea-weed or something containing some and use that, it is also very high in many things to help.
    But my current research is in the monatomics and I’m finding very staggering results.

  3. Lilac dice:

    Considering the value of noble metals and how expensive it must be to make them monoatomic, it should make one to think wether those monoatomics are relly for sale in Net…

    I mean people can say this and that and sell you s***t.


    The poor of us must just use the food and vitamins available at superstore…

  4. firefox dice:

    Speaking of healthy food, what do you drink? Tea and coffee are known to influence us in a bad way. Plain boiled water is also bad, contains too many harmful chemicals.

  5. Lilac dice:

    Green tea is good, it’s said to clean teeth and maby even kill harmfull bacteria and fungus. Black tea has also good things in it, but because it’s processed I wouldn’t recommend it.

    I guess the harmfulnes of plain water, boiled or not, depends a lot about in what country one lives. Anyway the bottlewater isn’t always better, nobody knows for how long it has been on the shelves and where did it come from the beginning…

  6. ensonar dice:

    Here’s a couple of interesting sites I found recently concerning food.



  7. Warbaryan dice:

    Are there any athletic people in here who have any dietary advice for warriors?

    I’ve been studying the subject for some years and have found pretty suitable guidelines for my current needs. But I don’t think there is just one perfect dietary model… I’m very active physically and equipped with a fast metabolism. I try to measure up my eating with the goal of getting stronger and developing some muscle, yet remaining lean, and having optimal energy level… It all depends very much on individual things.

    I’ve found it to be a good idea to eat moderate meals in about 3 hours’ cycles, 5-7 moderate size meals a day, each of them containing protein, slow-digestive carbohydrates and beneficial fats in proper quantities (read into the subject from different sources)… This way you supply yourself with a constant nutritive source of energy and keep your blood sugar steady. It’s much better than eating a few meals a day with long pauses in between.

    It’s also a good idea to drink lots of water and avoid white sugar (i.e. fast carbs).

    I, myself, am omnivorous and don’t think it’s a good idea to stop eating meat (at least not permanently); although it is technically possible to live as a (lacto-ovo-pesco-)vegetarian or even a vegan, there’s something energetically unique and maybe necessary in mammal meat that we can’t get from other food sources.

  8. Warbaryan dice:

    I guess the harmfulnes of plain water, boiled or not, depends a lot about in what country one lives.

    Indeed. In Finland, the tap water is top quality and you don’t have to filter or boil it for drinking purposes.