Monkey Breath

I’ve been doing research on the Alexander technique to help fix my back and found this on the “monkey position”:

The Alexander Technique teaches us that it is not just a matter of what we do–staying upright and moving–but how we do it: using inhibition and direction. In fact, it transpires that our “monkey”(an Alexander Technique term for a standing position in which the knees are bent and the torso is tilted forward from the hips) is one of the best stances during pregnancy and is particularly advantageous during labour. In “monkey”, as the mother leans forwards, her abdominal wall becomes a kind of hammock for the baby, while the tilt of her pelvis makes more space for the baby’s head to enter the pelvic brim; thus the baby is encouraged to move into the optimal position for birth. At the same time, the force of gravity–the weight of the baby–aids contractions and makes them stronger and more efficient.

It reminded me of “The Monkey Breath” pass in The Mixing of the Left and Right Bodies Group.

Anyone else found correlations to Tensegrity from seemingly “normal” activities/exercises/techniques?

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