Meditation Question

I have been wondering about something. Recently when I was meditating, I started to have a tickling feeling just below my throat, in between my collar bones and it kept getting stronger until it almost hurt. Does anybody know why this happens? Any information would be useful.

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  1. ensonar dice:

    Are you familiar with “the center of decisions”?

  2. quietxkiller dice:

    Nope. But why do you think it does that? Do you think that maybe theres too much energy or an energy blockage or something?

  3. ensonar dice:

    I personally don’t know what would cause that particular feeling, but I would suggest reading the book Magical Passes. In it Carlos describes the “center of decisions” which is an energy vortex related to decision making located at the “V” spot at the base of one’s neck, and he also describes magical passes related to that area.

  4. quietxkiller dice:

    Cool. I have that books and will check it out. Thanks.

  5. Merged dice:

    That is a grand book! I think that it will help you to read it. I have also read and discovered my self that it is where energy gets stuck when we are facing decisions that we dont want to deal with. That we may be embarried to see, “getting chocked up”. But if this happend while you meditated could mean something more. Your enery was moving up to your brain, what some would call the god source. Hmm… tell me quitexkiller what if anything were you meditating on?


  6. quietxkiller dice:

    I was just staring at a wall trying to silence my internal dialogue when I got that tickly feeling. I also got tunnel vision.

  7. BratscheWarrior dice:

    Has it occurred to you that this tickly feeling might be an allied projection interacting with you?

    Lately, i have been doing incredibly focused staring as of late and i was warned to break my gaze because inorganic beings may notice this and fuck around with my energy.

  8. quietxkiller dice:

    Hmm… Ive never thought of that… but who told you that, and why would they want to fuck with my energy?