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Here’s an interesting web site that focusses on deconstructing our beliefs and fixations using buddhist ‘psychology’. The particular page I’ve presented gives an overview of the course’s methods and theory. I find it compatible with CC’s beginning teachings where we learn not to take our view of reality for granted. I especially like the last paragraph where they deconstruct the deconstruction course!


Click on the “transcripts/papers” link on the left of the page to read some actual dialogues from courses. Many are insightful IMO.

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  1. true dice:

    “However, it is also very easy to become fixated on the idea of observing our fixations. We can think there is some intrinsic value in doing this. In fact if we think there is some value in doing it, then we will condition ourselves to observe our fixations, even when this is quite unnecessary. If we become attached to the notion of observing our fixations, or any other type of spiritual process for that matter, we condition ourselves to becoming perpetual seekers. This is just to say that balance is required when observing our fixations, so we don’t become self-aware in a neurotic or obsessive way.”

    – Peter Fenner

    This is what I’ve observed happen often with “warriors” of CC’s system, myself included. Even though CC says as much, we ignore the fact that the sorcerers’ description is still only a description, and that can be just as “harmful” as being ignorant of descriptions or being identified with your descriptions. “Harmful” is of course, relative: if you want to be a sorcerer then you can take this description as the one true description, although this is not what was taught by DJ in the books, however CC’s life may have taught otherwise.
    Take the inventory and then throw it away… pit the sorcerers’ description/inventory against your old one in order to break its fixation, but in the end, both descriptions, all inventory, is thrown away. That’s what I’ve read in the books. But it takes a while I guess; if you haven’t sufficiently broken the hold of your old system, then you’ll cling to the new one as a saviour.
    It’s really about knowing if you want to be a sorcerer or not, because there are other systems and teachings and teachers that will help you to break free of fixations and the certainty that our description is the only valid description of ‘reality’, and they’ll do this without hooking you into a new fixation of becoming a sorcerer. IMO, and this is what I also understand DJ saying, we don’t want to get hooked into any new identity once we’ve broken the old one. That’s fluidity and freedom. But when you have no identity, there’s nothing there to tell you that you’re free or not free. You’re even free from the need for freedom, as U.G. would say.

    The above quote by Peter Fenner is from “an unusual silence” in the “transcripts/papers” section I pointed out above if you want to read more.