the world of actions

Have you noticed that most people have replaced certain very important actions with mere words. Three that come to mind are “thank you”, “I love you” and “I’m sorry”. Now we’re just allowed to say these things and people generally accept them as the action. I’ve noticed that some people can say these things and yet are totally unaware that there are actions that could be done in such circumstances and they never do them.
For example, the action for “I’m sorry” is to amend the error, and not just apologize. There are actions for “I love you” and they’re not buying flowers or a card with someone else’s sentiments on it. And gratitude should be a gesture and not a phrase – give something of equal value or what you can.

And have you noticed there are many types of currency with which to pay our debts to others. The world usually acknowledges money as currency, but can there not be a society that values knowledge as wealth, or the teaching of a skill. What could be more valuable than knowledge that frees? But people don’t want that, don’t value that knowledge. Instead of knowledge, they call it judgement or criticism or worse. That’s understandable, but people are so god damn sensitive these days. In this politically correct world, you’re expected to respect other’s ignorance even as “their truth”. I get that. I really do. But the old days of survival of the fittest seem more aligned with nature. I’d really like to act out and bruise these sensitive egos to show people they’re alive in a way they’re unaware of. Their little world of false security that they create with words… I’d like to smash it with something real. Being protected is so important to them. Give me a man or woman who has been to hell and no longer fears their shadow, but lets it all out… just in your face – deal with it. I’m so tired of games. So bored with people who don’t know themselves and presume to speak about anything. The ignorant lies fall out of their mouths and I want to shut them. I was even taking some notes about myself the other day and I said “who are you writing to? I don’t want to listen to you either.” I’m so fed up with everyone’s stories, including my own.

I long for the world of actions. I feel myself growing silent. I prefer to be alone nowadays. The world is so ignorant of the truth, of reality, of actual existence. I’m allowing myself to feel disgust, anger and hatred like I’ve never known, but not in a helter-skelter kind of way, nor in any arrogant or better than them way. If I thought I was better or priveledged, I wouldn’t be angry with the world. (Personally, I think they’re all fucking with me. ūüėČ ) But anger is just a useless thought-emotion. When I’m silent, the world seems ok and I don’t know that it should be any particular way other than it is. And I’m not alone…
the entire world is already the world of actions. The tree that fell doesn’t defend itself or explain its actions. The sun doesn’t consider how much sleep I’ve gotten. The rain doesn’t ask permission to fall. The moon doesn’t demand that I admire its beauty (but I’m a sucker for her.) Life is good. I just don’t know a single human that is living life. They’re all victims of their minds.

Good luck on your journeys, each of you.
Not necessarily goodbye.
I just need to be quiet for however long it takes.

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3 Commentsto the world of actions

  1. Merged dice:

    thank you, i love you and i’m sorry…

  2. BratscheWarrior dice:

    True, you just summed up my feelings toward society. I think I even posted something similar last year. These days, I see people and smile, secretly laughing at them. They talk and talk and talk about their good intentions, but won’t think twice about betraying you when they see that what you are doing “isn’t right” (according to them).

    How long can a mighty lion stand up against hundreds of very aggressive mice?

    We all lose by default. But the difference between us and average men is that we are not of society. We have to function in it, but we are not of them. And their lies (a double meaning?) the answer of what we must do. And that answer is: controlled folly.

    We are all beings that are going to die and there is nothing we can do about it except be impeccable.

  3. remember dice:

    I think that in many respects, our actions reflect who we are, deep in our core (not necessarily who we think we are or who we want to be)…………and hypocracy would frequently seem to be a human trait.

    My view may be a bit obscure, but here it is:

    One aspect of my stalking is to watch for the relatively rare individuals who’s words and actions coincide. In other words, they’re words and deeds are in sync.

    My grandfather (an old campfire cowboy) taught me as a young boy that “most people you meet have mouths that go one direction and their feet dance in another direction”. He told me to be watchful and when I encounter the rare person who’s words and actions coincide, to latch on because this is a valuable person and it could lead into a special relationship………..and to the best of my abilities, I’ve been watchful ever since (at least when my brain is working).

    So, over the years of watchfullnes (and stalking) I’ve come to the basic realization that actions reflect the core of who is performing the action.

    Let’s take a look at a couple of examples:

    How about a simple one? Let’s say a criminal……..let’s make it a bank robber. Chances are this person consciously acts honest and trustworthy………..when they get convicted of robbing a bank, they tell the court that they’re “sorry”…….then when they get released after serving their time…………they rob another bank. In this case the mouth is saying “I’m Sorry”, but the actions indicate something very different. Now let’s just imagine that this bank robber has a religious revelation and becomes a true believer in right & wrong and genuinely repents. If it’s true to the persons core, chances are they no lomger even consider robbing banks…..because they realize that stealing really gets you nothing and it becomes out of sync, in dischord with their newly revised “nature” (their new core). In other words, they now live a new reality and not just accept the fact that robbing banks is wrong as an agreed phylosophy.

    Ok, here’s a more subtle example: Suppose you meet someone who appears to understand “all things come from a single Source (and some call it God)”, the individual says they believe this and attempt to show this through their actions. Then at some later point this same person makes the statement or reacts/acts out in such a way as to reflect, “this is wrong and it shouldn’t be happening, I’m going to do something about it”. Is this hyprocacy? I think many times it reflects the difference between accepting something as an agreed “philosophy” v/s embracing something to your core and to live the physosophy as an accepted way of life.

    It’s kinda like: Talking the talk and not walking the walk v/s talking the talk and walking the walk.

    That’s why to me, what folks say is important because it provides me with a base-line of what this person espouses, or thinks they are, or wants to be, or is trying to present themselves as. Then through watching their actions closeley, you can get a sense of who this person really is.

    I must say that at one time or another we’re all guilty of hyprocrocy…….even if it’s only until we’re able to reconcile an accepted philosophy as an embraced way of life…………….it can take time.

    Sometimes things aren’t as bad as they look………………..

    Best Regards Everyone,

    Bill (Remember)