Average folks

i sometimes wonder when i see all the replicated people, doing stupid things out in the open. These people were children at one point. What happened?

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  1. true dice:

    Chickens, dogs, cows, horses… were wild at one point.

    Domestication happened. Dumbing down is happening/encouraged.

  2. jonian dice:

    the fixation of the assemblage point can turn into a veritable nightmare, anyway everyone of us is more or less in the pretty same situation unless energy is not directly perceived (and even in this case a 360�° discipline is required)

  3. Crow dice:

    I think what happened was judgement.

    I judge other people. I judge me. Other people judge me. I am afraid of someone else’s judgement of me. Someone else is afraid of my judgement of them. I punish myself when I find myself guilty. I punish others when I find them guilty. I don’t value what I have. I don’t have what I value.

    We learn to judge and to be judged in nursery school. After we learn that lesson, we torture ourselves and others relentlessly.

    Don’t judge me because I have just admitted that I am not impeccable.
    Don’t judge others because they choose not to be impeccable.
    Don’t judge yourself if you are ever less than impeccable.
    Don’t judge yourself because you are impeccable.

    Notice, but don’t judge.

  4. remember dice:

    Hello Everyone:

    This subject and Crow’s last comment (good one Crow) makes my mind flash upon two things: 1) This world with it’s common human reality, is that of “Polarization”, or as some express it “Duality”………….up/down, left/right, good/bad, right/wrong, black/white. positive/negative, pass/fail, (and the beat goes on), etc. 2) Judgement v/s discernment.

    Let’s see if I can get my damaged brain to sort through this and make some sense of what I’m trying to convey.

    Have we given due consideration to the polarized concept of “Judgement” (to judge) which has an educated and knowledgable converse concept of “Discernment”?

    To my feeble mind, it seems that the non-doing of “Judging” (without being naieve or dumb) is to “Discern”.

    For example: I have given due consideration to the nature, actions, implications and ramifications of Charles Manson and I have discerned that his energy and mine are out of sync and in complete dischord (non-harmonic)………thus, this is someone that I choose, through discernment, to maintain distant. I could have taken the naturally polarized and judgemental position of, “This guy is the manifestation of evil, he’s bad, he’s responsible for mass murder, negative influences, etc…….I’ve reviewed the transcripts of his trial and in my opinion, he’s guilty and should spend the rest of his life in jail”.

    I think it takes “Impeccability” to truly step out of the “Polarization” and to exercise “Discernment” rather than “Judgement”.

    Most people (re “Average People”) are not only immersed in the worlds natural polarization, they don’t even give creedence to the concept of “Duality” or “Polarization”………consequently they’re trapped.

    We, on the other hand, my most learned peers………(chuckle, I’ve just found a giant tongue stuck in my cheek)………..we have a bit more understanding of these things, we have curiosity & interest in our chosen subject matter (these subjects)…………we know about judgement, polarization/duality, etc.

    By virtue of our paths, we are not “Average”…………butt who really is “Average”? We all (everyone) have our own unique path (that we may or may not be consciously aware of) and who’s to say or “Judge” another person as “Average”?

    Isn’t this within itself………..a judgement call?


    Bill (Remember)

  5. BratscheWarrior dice:

    My version of ‘average’ are people that are not on our path.

    Now that sounds judgmental doesn’t it. Like people not on our path are scum and we are better than them. No, they aren’t, they are just travelers; phantoms. And yet we have a map. Does that make us better?

    A situation has just arisen in my life where my merits were not observed and my job was cut back. It’ll cost me a bit of money a month. The moment I was told, i started thinking of ways to get that income back. No hard feelings. Only detachment. i could easily feel angry as my supervisors who are not observant, but who has time for that. Now i can say that i’m incredibly wary of them and will not have much to do with them in the future. I do not forget things like that. They’ve created a pattern and i’ve stalked that.

    Plastic people. Can’t they see their folly? No. They are blinded by their self-reflection. What a drag……… i wish them well.

  6. Merged dice:

    Yeah – normal people! Great at demonstrating how ignorant I still am!

    But so too are un-normal people at doing the same…

    Its difficult to see all others as equals sometimes… especially when my world view is the only one I look through. But on occasion that the blinkers fall away there is no separation and all appear to be filled with the same incredible intelligence that is filling me…

    But this unity is only perceived when I am not me! Such is life… :rolleyes: