The Eagle’s Eminations

I am new to the forum, however I’d like to pose a question for opinions. I placed it in this forum because it came to me as intuition, or silent knowledge and figured it would apply.
My question, is that in CC’s books, Don Juan emphasizes emphatically that the basis of ‘sorcery’ is using will through intent to manipulate the eagle’s emanations as oneââ?¬â?¢s own command to move the assemblage point.
Now, the way I understand the metaphor of the eagle is from something I discovered studying with an alchemist; that there is a source of all energy, ergo this energy is creational in nature, boundless and it is the fundamental aspect of all things. It is expressed somewhat as god, in the ideal that god is the reason of creation and part of all things, but the larger brunt of that idea comes from the mold of man, obviously. Anyway, this source can be tapped into by humans through the control of the will and given access to boundless creational energy that is infinitely malleable to the user and that with this creational energy one can manifest intent into the spiritual and physical (though those are only differentiated in terms, not practice) This is what in alchemy is used as the cornerstone to spiritual transmutation of the self, or others, healing, whatever is intended. Now, all energy has its own consciousness and this source is no exception, it is in fact the source of all consciousness and as we know of basic principles of energy – all energy seeks to return to its source hence when we die we are ‘devoured by the eagle.’
My point here is pointing out the similarities in the two metaphors and descriptions but the difference in what is emphasized in practice. In the perspective of the Nagual the will is used exclusively to manifest the movement of the assemblage point, more specifically to change perception.
My question then is, then, if our will can enhance our command to that of the eagle�s, which is the source of creational energy, when why would one not use those commands in a pragmatic sense; to use them for the purposes of creation, more than merely perception?
And if the new seers knew this could be done, why not expand upon it?

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  1. true dice:

    What do you mean by “create”? What can be created?

    For me, when most people speak of will, they talk about personal will, and that’s not the will DJ speaks of. The personal cannot affect intent. The personal is an effect/object, not a cause/subject.
    Is it the personal wanting to create or the impersonal? What would the impersonal want to create?

    I don’t perceive the Eagle creating anything, so I’m not sure where you’re coming from. I identify the Eagle’s emanations as the electromagnetic spectrum.

    DJ espoused a difference between sorcerers and seers. Sorcerers want to manipulate and affect what they perceive. Seers just want to perceive ‘what is’.

    I don’t think seers are interested in creating anything. They are slaves to intent. Intent is already manifesting perfectly. What would a seer want to change or create?