A New Earth

These are good listening if you’re just lying down and breathing:


They also work well standing and breathing 🙂

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  1. forfuckssake dice:

    Heh. In Chapter 3 he talks about how the ego was solidified after we began thinking. Then goes on to say he believes the beginning of this ‘thinking period of evolution’ started at the beginning of the old Testament- when they picked the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge.

    I don’t have the book handy but I remember in The Power of Silence Don Juan saying something along the lines that picking the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge was surely an allegory for man breaking away from the position of Silent Knowledge and descending into the depths of reason.

    What a coincidence, no? 🙂

    Human consciousness elevating = Assemblage point moving 😉

  2. forfuckssake dice:

    From Chapter 5,

    Eckhart: But don’t underestimate the pain-body’s ability to draw out some… to make you unconscious again- to push some kind of button and you will find yourself reacting again, because pain-bodies are very cunning…

    Oprah: Yeah…

    Eckhart: Very clever. And they know exactly what will… make you unconscious, and what will make you react.

    Oprah: You speak of it like it’s a creature, like it’s an alien force inside of us. Yeah.

    Eckhart: Yes. That’s how I see it. Hahahaha!