promise keeper

this is the practice to forge the intent, named promise keeper

1. take paper sheet and write down all things you want to intent and to do.
egz. : a house
2.learn tensegrity
3.recapitulate all life
and ect.

2. take first intention and make step-by-step shedule.
to build a house I need:
1. make project
2. take a loan
3. buy material
and ect.

3. find a person who will be your promise keeper. discuse with keeper first job of the shedule. how long it will take to do, how you will do it and the period for keeper remindings.
Keeper don’t do any of your jobs, he just reminds you what he has yours promise.
its looks like:
one time a week or month keeper says:
– hi John, I keeping your promise
– oh thank you, Mr keeper.

thats all.

4. then time is out You going to keeper and do report about success or failure.
if you succeded you going to next job in the shedule and do it the same way.
if you failed, you divide this failed project into smaller projects and do it one by one in the same way.

5. then all shedule is done you going to the second intent from the first list.

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