La fragilidad de internet

Desde hace varios años he comentado uqe lo que es internet, servidores, email y similares estan funcionando con pincitas y que es increible que siga funcionando de manera ma so menos decente. Usaré este tema para ir poniendo notas al respecto en inglés.

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    crimeandpunishment points out the Associated Press’s look (as carried by
    SkunkPost) “at an issue the government has been aware of for more than 20
    years, but still isn’t fixed and continues to cause Internet outages: a
    [0]flaw in the routing system that sends data from carrier to carrier.
    Most outages are innocent and fixed quickly, but there’s growing concern
    the next one could be devastating. A general manager at Renesys
    Corporation, which tracks the performance of Internet data routes, says,
    ‘It amazes me every day when I get into work and find it’s working.'”