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Has anyone on here ever been to any of the tensegrity workshops or classes put on by Cleargreen?

Speaking of Tensegrity

It seems strange to me, that of all the Castaneda related message boards and groups i’ve found on the internet, no one seems to be talking much about magical passes.

I know there are people out there doing them. I’ve been to a few workshops and there are lots of people there. On the Cleargreen website, there are loads of practice groups listed around the world.

I know that a great aspect of this knowlege is action instead of talking, but that doesn’t stop people from talking about other topics; dreaming, stalking, etc.

Does anyone have any experiences or questions about Tensegrity they would like to discuss?

I for one can’t get enough of the magical passes. They slowly creeped into my life until they have now become a constant thing. And they are changing me. This I know for sure. They have helped me in numerous ways. More energy. More powerful decisions. More calmness. More clarity, etc. etc.

Has anyone else had similar experiences?

Thank You

Thanks for this well organized site.. the links you provided are amazing and very useful. Thanks for your intent