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I read somewhere that the pancreas is the organ that is tied to Seeing. What if you had the pancreas removed? Medically, this would probably make you a diabetic.

Ways to achieve inner silence

Is very clear the importance of inner silence, because well used is a powerful ally. Moreover, inner silence is necessary in almost warrior techniques.

Come to my mind the zen (chan buddhism) basis. The no mind mode.(mushin).

Live the present, actively, every second of the existence. Is a good beggining to achieve the inner silence, the no mind state, the mushin.

But, who am I to say that, to achieve a goal there is nothing write, and any way is possible.

Of course ,any way easy to probe; look look I’m in inner silence while I dream….no please, not again!

Ok, happy training.

The inventory

hey every-body. It seems like I found my way back to nagualism.com, feels good. I hope this isn’t reaching, but I think that this experience is relevant to the inventory. Maybe I haven’t been aware of this in the past, but since I have been trying to monitor my mental activity I notice that when simply glancing at words and sentences I will see words and phrases that aren’t actually there. This can be kind of an inconvience as you can imagine and I must admit I’m not really focused at these times. It happens with people’s faces too.

I remember reading the time that CC witnessed a dying creature, but upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a simple piece of cloth.

no nagual?

“Stay at your table and listen.
Don’t even listen, just wait.
Don’t even wait, be completely quiet and alone.
The world will offer itself to you to be unmasked …
in raptures, it will writhe before you.” –Kafka

If you ask me, Kafka is describing seeing. Maybe he himself was a nagual, but how did he achieve this on his own? He makes it sound almost easy … Do you think creative geniuses are more likely to be naguals? don Juan said there were plenty of nagual men around … well, maybe not “plenty”, but you get my drift.


So what makes awkward silence so awkward?

Interesting Eye…..

Well I’ll just start this in story format instead of trying to explain anything..

I am currently taking monatomic/diatomic products. (iridium and rhodium and white gold powder) of moderate strength, not particularly powerful.. but very .. consistant.

I decided to go outside and smoke a quick bowl of cannabis… I did so and proceed to go and sit in a relaxed-style plastic lawnchair… near the fire pit in my backyard.. ( a very big fire pit circled by rocks) … but I was quite a distance away… facing the fire-pit and also facing the sun… I sat relaxed.. did some breathing exercises to slow my heart-rate…. and closed my eyes and faced the sun… so I could see it through my eyes…

I sat and attempted to silence my thoughts… when I noticed a eye-floaty… (I hope you know what eye-floaters are…) so I noticed one… and had a good amount of control focusing on it… to examine it… I noticed it came from the right side… like it was to my right, but in my mind.. not outside of me… (obviously because eye floatys occur in the eyes…) and not outside of them… but yet… it had the appearance of having depth… (after awhile that is) …

and than upon closer inspection I noticed its outline.. was somewhat an outline of an eye… a left eye… side-profile..
and than my thoughts were grasping for explanations.. so I thought my mind was creating this.. (like I was presenting explanations or creating order in an utter chaos situation) but than I expected it further… because if my mind was creating it, I could ‘shut’ my mind off and observe it again as an eye floaty… but it wouldn’t … infact instead of returning to an eye floaty it blinked…. now it was unmistakable to me that either I was vividly hallucinating or something I couldn’t explain was occuring…. and as that thought occured.. I noticed it turned from being side profile and faced me…. all I seen (because of my stubburn focus) was the eye, and a bit of its surrounding shape… it was my eye… looking at me…
and it ‘zoomed’ in .. and I could see in the reflection of the eye, that I was what I was looking at… it was ‘another’ me… looking at me.. .. it was such a profound experience .. it was unexpected to say the least.

Reaching the Threshold

Does anyone have any specific techniques that have helped them reach greater depths of inner silence?

I have trouble getting past just a few minutes of inner silence at a time. It seems that no matter how much I remind myself and feel determined to hold the silence for long periods, I somehow slip back into internal dialogue over and over again.

There have been a few times where I was able to stay focused for longer periods, but those are really few and far between.

I’m not really sure that any advice from someone else could help much, but I am just curious of other people’s experiences with inner silence and techniques used at reaching it.

The one from Castaneda’s books that has helped me the most is “listening to the sounds of the world”. At times I focus in on just one sound that I randomly pick out and try to stay with it as long as possible, and keep coming back to it as I begin drifting back to thinking. At other times, I try to listen to everything at once in the same manner.

Through this technique I’ve discovered that it is possible at times to split my attention and listen to the sounds and think at the same time. I know this isn’t stopping the internal dialogue, but it does take the focus away from it when I just can’t seem to be quiet. It also helps when trying to listen to a person or speaker. If my mind starts wondering, I have been finding that I can let my mind wonder and still pay attention to what they are saying at the same time. For some this might just come naturally. For me, it is a breakthrough 🙂

Would anyone else like to share some techniques that have helped them reach inner silence?

internal dialogue

Offering to share your experience.
There seems to be a state where no subject or object exists. Is it right? Somehow I thought that self-awareness must always be present, and this destruction of it seems wrong. Well, I never risked to see what lies after it, it just seems wrong.
Tell about how you do it and how it feels.