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The Newer Seers


Yes, it’s time to sit down and take a look at where our lineage has gone askew!
C’mon, you’re not going to tell me that Carlos didn’t fuck up. There wasn’t much he didn’t fuck, according to some sources. B) And then getting creamated from without (as opposed to the fire from within. 😉 heehee!)

Seriously, and don’t call me arrogant! Someone’s got to do this. So chime in if you have any corrections or amendments to CC’s books and/or current day so-called warriors.

#1 – I think we need to realise that these books contained information given specifically to Carlos Castaneda from a sorcerer-seer-warrior-stalker. I know that you know that, but to realise it means that you’re aware that DJ is going to say whatever he has to to get CC to get it. And that means he’s going to tap into CC’s tonal to find out how to stalk and teach him. Remember at the fire with the apprentices they ran into looking for crystals, and DJ went behind the rock and came out and each one saw something different because he tapped each of their tonals?
Anyway, you have to seriously consider that some things in the book were specifically for CC’s personality and temperament (I checked the spelling, BratscheWarrior. I know! It looks funny. 😉 ) and that they may be useless (or moot! 😆 ) to someone of a different temperament.

Not everyone needs to go hunting.
Not everyone needs power plants.
Not everyone has to talk to plants…

DJ, as a warrior-seer, is so spontaneous and present that he can pick up on anything and immediately improvise a not-doing or whatever is needed to hook CC. And we’re sitting there reading and taking notes for ourselves:
“b-u-y a-n e-l-e-p-h-a-n-t g-u-n…”
“s-m-o-k-e m-o-r-e w-e-e-d…”
“s-t-a-r-t t-a-l-k-i-n-g t-o p-l-a-n-t-s…”

So some things obviously apply to anyone seeking to become a seer or warrior. But some things were specific tasks designed specifically for CC’s tonal and written into the books as if for anyone.

Your tonal may be imbalanced in a totally different way than CC’s.

CC didn’t claim that these books are a “How-to” manual!

So Newer Seers rule #1:
CC’s books are not “The Holy Bible of Nagualism”
nor are they “The Complete Works on Nagualism”

Newer Seers rule #2:
Self-importance isn’t THAT important!

What I mean is that it’s not so important that you get absorbed in recognizing it in everyone and in yourself. Notice it, sure. But don’t be a fanatic.
We have to seek the root. That should be a common theme: “seek the root”.
What is the root… why was the task of eliminating self-importance assigned? Because it was seen that self-importance is the greatest consumer of energy.
So the point, the emphasis, the root, is to save energy!
Don’t get hooked on self-importance! That doesn’t save energy! Self-importance is a means, not the goal! Do you hear what I’m saying? Self-importance has become something ugly, a sin, an evil-doing! Don’t do that. That doesn’t save energy.

Self-importance isn’t important. The important thing is saving energy.
Self-importance just happens to be the greatest expenditure of energy among humans. That was seen, without emotions, without judgement.
They didn’t see that self-importance was bad!
They didn’t see that no one should ever be self-important!
They saw that it consumes enormous amounts of energy. That’s all.

Don’t mistake the woods for the trees.

(I have no idea what that means. It seemed appropriate. :unsure: )

Anyone else got some insights?

The mystery and mastery of awareness

This post will explain the mystery of awareness. But it will probably be lengthy.

If you want to live in the mystery, you have to be a mystery yourself. And that’s actually quite easy. The mystery of you is that you are aware; you are conscious and consciousness, and all is consciousness, so the mystery is always right where you are.

Isn’t it a wonder that you can look at these letters, that are just symbols, just lines and curves thrown together, and yet you are able to find meaning in them and able to communicate back? And as you type your fingers naturally drift to the appropriate symbol-letter to express the thoughts arising in the mind. How does it do that? Isn’t it a wonder? You couldn’t do these these when you were born, and it took a couple years or more of practice and repetition to be able to master reading, writing and typing. And now it happens almost automatically.

That is the mystery and mastery of awareness. What you’ve forgotten is that these lines and curves that form letter-symbols have ABSOLUTELY NO MEANING IN AND OF THEMSELVES. They mean something because we’ve LEARNED to give them meaning. We’ve done so through AGREEMENT. If we didn’t follow the same program, if we didn’t agree that c-a-t spells cat. Then we couldn’t be doing this right now. Instead we’d be doing this:


Do you know what that says? What it means? Me neither. But that’s only because we HAVEN’T AGREED TO GIVE IT A MEANING. Right now it’s gibberish. But you must remember that everything is gibberish. We’ve given meaning to some gibberish, and other gibberish has no agreed meaning yet.

If you don’t see the mystery in that, you’re going to miss the whole crux of sorcery. Because the entire world is the same gibberish that we’ve agreed to give meaning to. Let me emphasize this first with other examples in communicating before moving on. If you look closely under a microscope at newsprint or a book, you’ll see that each individual letter is made up of a bunch of dots. All these dots thrown together in such a way, really unrelated, but we intend the relation and give them meaning. Or Braille (reading for the blind)… it’s just bumps, but you can learn the system and agree that such and such bumps means this and such and such bumps means that. Without the agreement, they’re just bumps. But we’ve also even agreed to call them bumps… THEY’RE NOT BUMPS! We’ve just agreed to call them that. When we talk, our languages are just noises… but we’ve learned, been programmed, to give them meaning. It’s just noise. It’s actually chaos! But we’ve AGREED to see order in it. But there isn’t any. All is still chaos! Mystery!

So this applies to EVERYTHING. Not just communicating with others. We’ve agreed to call barky, branchy, leafy, rising from the soil towards the sky objects, TREES. And I’m not just saying that the mystery is that we’ve named things. I’m saying that we’ve agreed to recognize them as the complex things instead of their elements. And that sorcery, the mastery of awareness, is to learn to unrecognize them, to return order to chaos and then re-order it into whatever order you see fit.

YES, this has all been said by CC. I’m not trying to be original or claim anything. I’m just saying it again with many examples so that it hopefully impacts you.



What does that mean? It means that 99% of what we CALL reality can be manipulated, BECAUSE IT IS PERSONAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL AND NOT ACTUAL. It is learned agreements! Descriptions. Descriptions that could be described differently AND GIVEN THE SAME AMOUNT OF BELIEF AS FORMERLY, AND THAT NEW REALITY WILL BE JUST AS REAL AS THE OLD ONE. But we don’t call that believing anymore. Belief is ignorant. Intentional belief is INTENT.

Example: Pain is a real element in this world. But ACTUAL pain is made far “worse” by ADDING PSYCHOLOGICAL PAIN TO IT. Psychological pain is wanting the pain not to be there when IT IS… wondering why this pain is happening TO ME, poor me, self-pity, etc… All psychological pain can be dropped.


So you still think you’re not free? You’ve agreed to a description of not being free. You’re here, as infinity, but you’ve agreed to divide infinity and condition the unconditional, and see a non-existant order in this chaos and name it “NOT FREE”. There are a lot of groups, religions etc, that each have their own unique version, there own set of rules and requirements to “reach” freedom/salvation/redemption… whatever they call it. As long as you’re a member of that group, you AGREE to those terms, and you struggle to ATTAIN freedom. A freedom that ALREADY IS, save your blinded by your adherance to a description that says “it is not”.
That goes for Castaneda’s descriptions too, people. Wake up. This should hit you like a wall. What a wonder! What endless potential you are, if you unlearn your agreements.


Death is not an event that exists in some future.
Death is a warrior’s constant companion.
Death is Carlos taking notes.
That may sound poetic, but it’s a fact that happens to sound poetic.

It isn’t Life then Death.
It’s Life/Death – an inseperable pair.
Life springs from its source: Death.
Death springs from its source: Life.

Love it, hate it, respect it, fear it… it doesn’t matter.
Nothing you do can change it, alter it, avoid it, or attract it.
It is all there is.
You can’t exist outside of it in order to affect it in any way.

Enigma of a Flyer

Since there was such a wonderful response from the last video I posted (that was sarcasm) I thought I’d ask who has seen “Enigma of a Sorcerer”…

I have a favourite moment with this as well. To watch this particular 2-minute soundbite seems to remind me of what I don’t want, or what not to do. That’s why I put this thread in the ‘Stalking’ forum.

Anyway, anybody seen it?

A not-doing for lurkers

For all the lurkers out there, why not consider posting as a not-doing?


The clearer I see things the more I want to grab the world by the tail and put it in my pocket. We are told to treat clarity as though it is a mistake. What does that mean? A point before our eyes that we trust enough to act according to, but not believe? What do you guys think? I’m confused and want to proceed the right way without acting foolishly.

magical property

“Words are tremendously powerfull and important, and are the magical property of whoever has them.

Still waiting for my Will…….but in the meantime I try to repeat words or phrases to help me focus my intent, for instance; While gazing I repeat (in my head) “It seems -such and such- but you don’t KNOW -such and such”.

Got any magical words?

Get in my belly!! Preez

Heightned Awareness

I’ve just started to enter what I believe to be heightned awareness. For me it’s blocks of time where everything seems clear and all the pieces fit. It’s so exilerating during these times, my whole body feels charged with energy and all I can keep thinking is Wow! I want to feel this way all the time 🙂 My problem is I become obsessed with these states after they pass. Lets talk about your experiences in heightned awareness, I would love to see where this new state of mind is going. Please be detailed.


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This article is about the Bantu/Nguni term. For the Marvel Comics fictional species also known as Skrulls, see Skrull.
Chitauri is a term of Bantu/Nguni linguistic origin, used to describe shape-shifting reptoids, ‘the family of the Serpent’, believed to exist in parallel with man, ‘the children of Adam’. Though this theme is prevalent within the oral and written traditions of several cultures, the use of this word to describe this phenomenon is common in the work of Zulu elder Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa.[1]

The recent proliferation of this word into popular usage can be attributed to B.Sun and Nota, citizens of the Divided Kingdom Republic, primarily through their expansion of the word’s use to encompass all facets of what they see as the synthetic non-reality of day-to-day 21st Century life. They allege that modern man, by succumbing to his ‘Chitauri’ instincts, is now trapped in a spiralling cycle of ‘re-creation,’ in which he disassembles, and attempts to improve, a world he is not responsible for creating in the first place. Hence, by this thinking, ‘modern life’, particularly Western Civilisation, including all its knowledge, routine, and even vocabulary, can be seen as ‘Chitauri,’ that is, a ball of nonsensical but elaborately constructed confusion.[citation needed]

B.Sun and Nota, like Credo, generally assert that whichever way one looks at it, mankindââ?¬â?¢s current state of affairs is as a result of their being trapped mostly in enslavement to their ‘Chitauri’ instincts. As a result the world is imbalanced in favour of the reptoid nature, while the population is being conditioned to believe and accept that this state of affairs is the only possibility.

Interesting info, don’t you think.
If this theme is “prevalent within the oral and written traditions of several cultures”, cultures who could not possibly have communicated with one another, then I am afraid to say, that this my friend, is not mere fiction.

Could “Seymour” somehow be related to this bizarre theme of the “reptilian” race?(as ridiculous as it sounds)


What do y’all think makes a language universal? My initial thoughts are that it has to be action based language rather than verbal (still thinking about it). It also has to be something that every human can understand.

(And do NOT say ‘music’ is the universal language. That statement would be incredibly inaccurate.)