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A New Earth

These are good listening if you’re just lying down and breathing:


They also work well standing and breathing ūüôā

Something to check out if you haven’t already:


Enigma of a Flyer

Since there was such a wonderful response from the last video I posted (that was sarcasm) I thought I’d ask who has seen “Enigma of a Sorcerer”…

I have a favourite moment with this as well. To watch this particular 2-minute soundbite seems to remind me of what I don’t want, or what not to do. That’s why I put this thread in the ‘Stalking’ forum.

Anyway, anybody seen it?

Chacmools’ TV Interview

Hey, if you haven’t stumbled across it yet then check it out:


If you haven’t watched the Unbending Intent DVD or the Tensegrity Vol. 1, 2 or 3 ones, there’ll be a couple of extra Passes in there.

Tell us what you think about the interview. I have a favourite moment, but I’ll let you watch it for yourself first…

Warrior’s Notes

These were the Warrior’s Notes I asked about a while back which included the Six Explanatory Propositions:


Just click on the “Nagual” bar on the left


“Warrior’s Notes” (Second column, second row)


the “Jul-Aug-Sep” bar (which is actually “Apr-May-Jun”!) in the “Warrior’s Notes 1999”

It’s the first two articles: Parts 1-3 and Parts 4-6

There’s also heaps of other cool articles that the new webmaster apparently took down on purpose. I wonder if they had a valid reason or if it’s just the Flyer’s mind at work!

Monkey Breath

I’ve been doing research on the Alexander technique to help fix my back and found this on the “monkey position”:

The Alexander Technique teaches us that it is not just a matter of what we do–staying upright and moving–but how we do it: using inhibition and direction. In fact, it transpires that our “monkey”(an Alexander Technique term for a standing position in which the knees are bent and the torso is tilted forward from the hips) is one of the best stances during pregnancy and is particularly advantageous during labour. In “monkey”, as the mother leans forwards, her abdominal wall becomes a kind of hammock for the baby, while the tilt of her pelvis makes more space for the baby’s head to enter the pelvic brim; thus the baby is encouraged to move into the optimal position for birth. At the same time, the force of gravity–the weight of the baby–aids contractions and makes them stronger and more efficient.

It reminded me of “The Monkey Breath” pass in The Mixing of the Left and Right Bodies Group.

Anyone else found correlations to Tensegrity from seemingly “normal” activities/exercises/techniques?

The Series for The Womb- for guys

For guys who practice these magical passes, I find it difficult to gently rub the energy that’s gathered directly onto the genitals. I’m thinking about the ones where your fingers make a V shape.
For women, you’d be rubbing the energy where your ovaries or womb is- a much larger surface area. Or for some of the passes, should guys be rubbing the energy where our wombs and ovaries would be?

Any discoveries concerning this “cramped” issue?
I prefer to hear from people who actually practice the passes.

Warrior’s Notes

Just wondering what happened to the old Nagual site with those warrior’s notes. Is it still accessible at another site, that is, specifically the warrior’s notes. I remember there was a section on the 6 something…it was basically an excerpt out of the spanish version of The Eagle’s Gift (not included in the English version).

If it’s no longer accessible, did anybody make a copy of the info…..
If they did, I beg you to post them…..I’m begging, mind you….




I am forfuckssake.
I was named after 2 failed attempts to register on this forum.
May my older brothers RIP.

ps No disrespect towards administrators intended.