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Just stuff...
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Just stuff...
Just a thought... recently i was talking to my father and he has read all the CC books (he was the one who got me reading them) or most of them at least. He also use to study with a group of people awhile ago that had to do more with spirituality and decrees (dont wanna touch on it to much considering i dont know that much about it). But he brang up alot of different things about Saints and Angels and how we each have an individual guardian angel.
Now, i dont completely aggree on the whole aspect of angels (and im not about to try and tell him he's wrong cause everyone is entitled to there own opinion of different things) but i dont like to beleive that there is something else out there watching me and ready to do my bidding, cause if that was the case wouldn't we all be better off? But i was putting some serious thought into what he was saying and it is just so much the polar opposite of the CC books that i can't even see myself trying to ask an "invisible" angel to make my day perfect, and now that i think about it it seems more like a way of intending rather than having an outside force do something for you.
But anyway this was all brought on by a movie that i watched recently that is somewhat groundbreaking its called "zeitgeist" (yes my name, Google it). I would think that if any people were open minded enough to watch it, it would be people who look at these posts (cause its so non-main stream).
I just feel really confused lately about where iam going and what im even doing... Its like i feel like im so close to the answer (or what have you) that it is almost driving me crazy trying to figure out where i should start and what to believe anymore.
-Just another confused energetic being. :unsure:

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07-Nov-2007 11:42 AM
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Just stuff...
Don't feel bad. We're all a bit confused!

My first thought of this guardian angel thing is that it is a neat way to not be responsible for ourselves. My belief is that there is nothing and no one that specifically looks out for our well-being. We have to do that for ourselves. Praying to some god or angel for protection is first, begging. Warriors are not beggers. Second, it places importances on the self in the form of self-pity. "Oh please god/angel, I've been suffering for the last week, PLEASE make this day a good one!." As if you (or any of us) are important. As Don Juan Matus said, "we are all shit too the very end."

That thing that is driving you crazy is the fact that you are deviating away from the societal view of the world. i have felt at times that i am being pulled apart. Sometimes, events will happen where i would have liked to have told people what i really thought, but you just can't...Let them live their pitiful little lives.

Connections happen. When you least expect it. And in unexpected forms. And these realizations might not be the grandiose ones that you would either expect or hear of. All of our experiences are different. And yet we strive for the same goal. Freedom.
07-Nov-2007 12:53 PM
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Just stuff...
Yeah... so none of the religious claims in that movie are credible at all. Trust me. My sister has been a religion freak since she was born and knows all of the myths. But aside from that, it was a pretty interesting movie.
12-Nov-2007 07:13 AM
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