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qabala quotes
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qabala quotes
Here are some fragments from Carlo Suares' "The Cipher of Genesis".
You may be surprised by the similarities of the Toltec tradition.

"Some religiously-minded people are aware of this lack of a unitary way of thought capable of including the knowledge of man and the knowledge of things. Although far too late, they are only just in time to measure, not with some perplexity, the unthought-of distance which seperates them from the world as it is."

"We come to realize that the problem of conveying the unknown could only be solved if it were possible to project the common essence of everything which is in the universe as a whole (including, of course, Man, because the essence is One). That essence in man is, according to cabalistic postulates, a movement both inner and outer, which builds structures and destroys them unceasingly. Our psychological inner structures built with and upon words which never convey the things, but are our ideas of what we recognize their appearances to be, must therefore be atomized, so to speak, in order for us to partake in and commune with the cosmic unfathomable mystery of the one movement, which is life."

"According to the esoteric tradition, Abram was the first really to understand the deep significance of their message. The human seed had to disentangle itself from the magic of the Kasdeem (Chaldeans) where it was being held in bondage, and had to be thrust into the world of conflict, of uncertainty, of hope and utter despair, of wild joy and anguish, of obstinate reconstructions and impending disasters. Any refuge, any protecting shelter had to be denied to it because , were it ever to remain immobile in any peaceful surrounding, it would become static in an immature, pre-human sub-species." italics mine

"We have already stated that in the perception of the fact that existence is a total mystery lies the foundation of any true religious awareness. The mystery, the realization that the fact of existence cannot be explained in words or in any other way, has always been deeply alive in the minds of the men of the Qabala."

"The very existence of the universe is a gigantic fact and mystery that can never be fathomed by human thought. That fact must be faced squarely, and not explained away, because so-called explanations pile mystery upon mystery and delude the mind, creating the habit of thinking about that which it cannot ever conceive." italics not mine

"The cosmic and human drama as described in the bible is an interplay between two partners playing against eachother: Aleph, (nagual), intermittent life-death, unfathomable, timeless mystery evading all mental grasp, and Yod, (tonal), its projection into the time-space continuum, which is its antinomy. The winner, obviously, is always Aleph because all that exists must necessarily come to an end. But the psyche, dreaming of an indefinite duration - in the form of an eternal soul, for example - rejects the very notion of its own death and clings to philosophies or religions that encourage it to believe that the word "always" has a meaning." italics and parenthetics mine

"When communication purports to convey the Revelation, such ambiguity can only lead to one or another of the multifarious religious interpretations which obstruct the immediate perception of the fact that the very existence of a speck of dust is in very truth the first and last mystery. No mystery is greater than any other: the Qabala has always known it, and has therefore never raised the question as to whether God exists. For those of the Qabala, for Abraham, Moses or Jesus, the unknowable unknown is a presence. The knowing of that presence is the unknown. There is no other revelation. It is therefore, and above all, necessary to reject all interpretations, explanations, creeds, dogmas, all faiths and moral laws, all traditions, philosophies and theologies, so as to allow the unknown to operate directly in our minds. Then thought is free to observe the interplay of life and death and existence because it moves along with it, having shattered its fetters."

"Thus it is useless for the mind to try to formulate ideas about transcendence, which is totally beyond comprehension or measure. In the first place, any notion of perfection and timelessness we may form is bound to be invalidated by our inveterately dualistic mode of thought. Our whole idea of progress is based on the idea that the good is simply that which awaits us at the opposite end of a continuum which starts with the not-good. Imperfection and time do not merely enter our thoughts; they are our thoughts. Like any other mere tool, the mind as we use it is functionally identical with its products. The chicken and the egg of the mind produce and reproduce one another ad infinitum, ad nauseum." (As DJ said, we learn to see as we think and we think as we see. I should say "look", not "see".)

"There is no transcendence other than our intimacy with the unknown as the unknown. Seeking it is avoiding it. It is everlastingly present in an ever present genesis."

Mr. Suares then proceeds to reveal the meanings of the Hebrew letter-numbers and apply this to the book of Genesis and further into the New Testament. His new "translation" is an awesome revelation, not of historical figures and dramas, but of energies, universal and psychological, as they involute and evolute again and again from source to mass, Aleph to Yod, nagual to tonal.
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