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* Ancient Tales in Modern Japan - Fanny Hagin Mayer
* Animal Folk Tales Around the World - Kathleen Arnott
* Aino Folktales by Basil Hall Chamberlain
* Armenian Folktales and Fables by Charles Downing
* Black Rainbow: Legends of the Inca & Myths of Ancient Peru - John Bierhorst
* The Book of Beasts - T. H. White
* The Catalpa Bow - Carmen Blacker
* A Field Guide to Demons, Fairies, Fallen Angels, and other Subversive Spirits - Carol Mack and Dinah Mack
* Folk Legends of Japan - Richard M. Dorson
* Folktales of Germany - Kurt Ranke
* Folk Tales from Korea - In-sæob Zæong
* The Fox and the Badger in Japanese Folklore - Marinus Willem deVisser
* The Fox and the Jewel by Karen Smyers
* Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan, Vol. 1 - Lafcadio Hearn
* The Goblin Fox and Badger and Other Witch Animals of Japan - U.A. Casal
* Italian Folktales - Italo Calvino
* Japanese Folk Tales - Kunio Yanagita
* Japanese Mythology - John Ferguson
* Japanese Mythology - Juliet Piggott
* Japanese Tales - Royall Tyler
* Kitsune: Japan's Fox of Mystery Romance and Humor - Kiyoshi Nozaki
* Korean Folktales by James Riordan
* Myths and Legends of China - Edward T. C. Werner
* Northern Tales by Howard Norman
* Oriental Myths and Legends by W.W. Gibbings
* Russian Fairy Tales by Aleksandr Afanas'ev
* Scandinavian Folktales by Jacqueline Simpson
* Selected Tang Dynasty Stories Edited by Shen Jiji, Translated by Yang Xianyi
* Strange Tales from Make-Do Studio Written by Pu Songling, Translated by Denis C & Victor H Mair
* Swedish Folktales & Legends by Lone T. Blecher & George Blecher
* Tales of the Bark Lodges by Bertrand N. O. Walker
* Tales from the Igloo - Father Maurice Metayer
* Tales from the Japanese Storytellers - Post Wheeler
* Uncle Remus the Complete Tales by Julius Lester
* Weird Tales of Old Japan - Eisaburo Kusano

Kitsune and Foxes in Fiction and Childrens Books (Other Books of Interest)

* Bangu the Flying Fox - Jillian Taylor
* Brer Fox and Brer Rabbit - Joe Chandler Harris
* Daughter of a Fox Spirit - Ying Shu
* The Dream Hunters by Neil Gaiman and Yoshitaka Amano (A Sandman Graphic Novel)
* Dummy Afa: the Fox in a Tiger's Suit by
* The Fairy Tale Book a Deluxe Golden Book by Marie Ponsot
* The Fox Maiden - Elsa Marston
* Fox that Wanted Nine-Golden Tails - Mary Knight
* Fox in One Bite - Elizabeth Scofield
* Fox and Rooster and Other Tales - Maggie Pearson
* Fox Tales - Mary Jo Wheeler
* Fox Tales: 3 Books - James Marshall
* The Fox Woman by A. Merritt
* The Fox Woman by Kij Johnson
* The Foxes of Chironupp Island - Hiroyuki Takahashi
* Foxes of Firstdark - Garry Kilworth
* Honhyu, the Fox Fairy
* Hunters Moon - Garry Kilworth
* The Knowing One - E. Young Smith
* Lady into Fox by David Garnett
* Little Fox and Hawk - Gail Berry
* The Love of a Silver Fox: Folk Tales from Seki City
* Meat Pies and Sausages - Dorothy Van Woerkom
* Moon Maiden and Other Asian Folktales
* One Trick Too Many - Mirra Ginsburg
* Reineke the Fox
* Shadow of the Fox by Ellen Steiber
* Spirit Fox by Mickey Zucker Reichert and Jennifer Wingert
* Stories of Old China - Hui-Ch'ing Yen
* The Tale of Mr. Tod by Beatrix Potter
* Vision of Franocois the Fox - Julia Cunningham
* Vulpes the Red Fox - Jean Craighead George
* The White Jade Fox by Andre Norton


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