Recapitulating dreams

I have memory “flashes” quite often. Random distant memories that seem to either come out of nowhere, or they feel like they are triggered by seemingly random events in the present.

Usually when these memories pop up, I will immediately recapitulate them. Not in a closet or a cave, but anywhere. Even if I happen to be around other people, I’ve learned to inconspicuously breath in as much energy as I can in a few moments, and exhale the energy left in me by the others who are part of the memory. I’m not sure why these memories surface, but I feel that it is important for me to recapitulate them as deeply, and quickly as possible.

These memory flashes not only include memories from waking life, but also memories of dreams. Sometimes from a few months ago, sometimes from many years ago. Because they surface in the same exact way that “waking” life memories do, I always try and recapitualate them in the same manner.

Has anyone had any experience with, or felt the need to recapitulate dreams?

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6 Commentsto Recapitulating dreams

  1. joyseph dice:

    Do you think dream analysis might be a sort of recapitulation of dreams?

  2. ensonar dice:

    Ever since I learned about dreaming, I lost any interest I may have had about dream interpretation. I think many of us here are probably much more interested in learning to act within our dreams than interpreting normal dreams.

    When I’m speaking about recapitulating dreams, I am not talking about trying to find meaning in these dreams, but rather I’m trying to breathe in the energy of the surroundings of the dream, and release the energy left in me by characters and perhaps certain feelings within the dream.

    I’m basically just going on a gut feeling though. I’ve never read or heard of whether there is any value in doing this or not.

  3. Lilac dice:

    So long as the creatures in dream are only one’s own creation, I guess there’s no point to recapitulate situations with them. But if there happens to be real energical beings from outside ourselves, then the case might be different. I leave it open – I don’t have opinion about that.

    I’m not so much to finding “meaning” in dreams. Mostly I feel annoyed when I happen to tell my aware dream to someone and s/he starts to open it with psychology and tell me what is what. Damn, when almost all my aware dreams are about ME, as I really am, walking endlesly here and there, what is there to be told to me? If I go outside now and walk there in the darkness (it’s evening here), can somebody tell me what did that mean that I walked there, other than that that I wanted to have some air and exercise?


  4. DrakeWan dice:

    dreams are already recapitulations.. the point is deciphering it..

    due to the n,n-DMT that is realeased during sleep.

    It takes your whole day (or period of time between sleeps) and revises it, (using n,n-DMT) .. (a hallucinogenic chemical released by the ‘brain’) .. and ‘recaps’ your time period of being awake from the last sleep time.
    it goes over it backwards and than forwards… almost like the old credit card machines.. to make a copy of it.. and than it inserts it into your neuro-net, for further reference.. (with the reference points that you created, (your emotions and perspective on it).. which is why sometimes things look odd… because we see a wall for instance and its color is distasteful to us.. so in our dreams we will literally see something that is distasteful, to ‘check’ it into memory…

    Remember in the bible where it says that some dude who deciphered some ‘important’ persons dreams and was ‘sparred’ and ‘given life’ ??? ..

    Dreams are important.. dreaming is highly UNDER-RATED…

    Dreaming while awake is …… amazing.

  5. joyseph dice:

    … and last night I dreamed about recapitulating. Oh boy.


  6. ensonar dice: