Night terrors

Hello all. I wonder if any experieced dreamers can give me some advice. At night when drifting off to sleep I often feel a sense of forboding which is followed by what I can only describe as an entity attaching itself to my back. I have tried to prise it loose but it fights me and digs bony fingers into my chest causing a feeling of real physical pain and fear. I have never been successful in removing it. I have tried talking to it but it does not reply. A few times I have ignored it completely and on these occasions I normally sink into dreaming. The last few times though I can feel the entity on my back in the dream which I find repulsive and I force myself to wake up. Any one else experience this? Any one know any tips for dealing with it?

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  1. ensonar dice:

    I don’t have any personal experience with night terrors. But I heard an interesting technique from someone who was having a similiar problem of being chased by a huge beast all the time in her dreams. One night she finally quit running, and when it came right up to her face, she kissed it on the nose. She said after doing that a few times it quit coming for her.

    I’m not sure that will work for you, especially if it’s on your back. But maybe relaxing, and trying to treat it like something cute and friendly (in other words the opposite of your normal feelings towards it) might help.

    Again, this is just hearsay. I’d say to be careful whatever you do.

    Maybe someone else here has some different advice.

  2. Nick dice:

    Thanks. I will try that.