major confusion

I keep having dreams where I become seriously confused about whether I am awake or not.
For instance: last night in one dream I woke up twice (at least) and really thought I was awake … to the point that I started telling people in my dream what I had been dreaming about in the previous dream inside the dream.

What’s up? Anyone have any input?


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  1. ensonar dice:

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned about dreaming, it’s that it can be progressive if that is your intent.

    My suggestion in any situation where you find something reoccurring like your dream-waking, is to consciously try and guide it in a direction. Make it active rather than passive.

  2. joyseph dice:

    I certainly wish I had better conscious control of it — at least at predictable intervals of time. I’m saving my energy for this intention, but who knows? B)

    I did think I was awake, and so I thought I was consciously controlling things! It’s completely baffling. :huh:

    What do you mean by “progressive”?

  3. ensonar dice:

    By progressive I mean that we can progress, rather than simply repeat.

    If I find something that begins happening repeatedly in my dreams, I tend to try and go further into it in one way or another.

    It seems like it just comes from an experimental nature or natural tendency to see how far we can go with something.

  4. true dice:

    You’re referring to the second gate of dreaming, Joyseph.
    But if you’re not dreaming (lucid, awakened) then there isn’t much to say or do about it. Anyone entering the second gate needs sobriety, and to insure that you have it, your should start with the first gate.