Damn songs

Does anyone else get stuiped songs in your head. I go from quietude up in my head to cheesy song in like .002 seconds. So today I thought I would change the song to fit the religion of Nagualism 😉 I think even if your not familiar with the original song, my renditon will delight you.

I dedicate this conduit to you Lord
I dedicate this conduit to you Lord
And with all that I am
I abandon the fortress of the self all I can
Unto you Oh Lord
A perpetual neophyte within your hands

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2 Commentsto Damn songs

  1. regicide dice:

    Back by popular demand (thanks ensonar) 😛

    I worship you oh inventory
    And my heart wants to convey
    This love I have for my perceptions
    With these simple words I pray
    Let everything that is without me
    Let it reflect my holy name
    I worship me, I’m God
    That’s all I long to say