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This interview is posted on the old Nagual net and I’ve never come across it.(Be patient while is loads, it takes a minute) The interviewer in my view seemed to ask all the right questions. It seems that Florinda is struggling to find the right words. How tantalizing. Initially I was shocked; Don Juan stuck?! I wonder if these inorganic beings are the same one’s in The Art of Dreaming? Did they fail to stalk the Stalkers? (I think I’ll go back and re-read that chapter :lol:)

HE: Where are don Juan and don Genaro right now?

FD: Well… We… I don’t think…. hmmmm. I have already, you know? I have already, let’s say, I have talked about it already and it doesn’t get across quite properly.

They have made the jump into the inconceivable. They have jumped in terms of… if we want to put it in any kind of physical sense… lets say they have made the leap into the unknown. What is ultimately the unknown? Are they stuck in the world of the inorganic beings? We think, yes. So did don Juan finally make it and his group? In a weird way that’s… let’s say… it’s a world of prisoners as our everyday life is. Its another system.

HE: Well the reason I asked you about the energy of us, people listening to you, people who might be trying to increase their energy level, is could you use our energy to rescue don Juan from the world of inorganic beings, as you rescued Carlos from that world.

FD: No, I don’t… we don’t really know. I think at one time, I think that misunderstanding comes because I thought, let’s say, “Yes, if we have enough energy as we leap to pull him out of it”, but that’s almost like a metaphor, you see? There is… I don’t really know what I… in terms of how can… you see, we don’t have the lexicon to truly describe even the world of inorganic beings. We describe that world as metaphors, although they’re not metaphorical or as something that is already known to us because we don’t have the language to describe something that is unknown to us. It can only be described in something that is known. So, yes, on one level, yes. If we have enough energy we could, as we leap, whatever that means, that leap… just lets say formulate… as a physicist you probably know.

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  1. ensonar dice:

    Can you give a link to the entire interview?

  2. regicide dice:

    [url=http://oldnagualnet.com/wtg/INTERVIEWS/KVMR_FD.HTML]http://oldnagualnet.com/wtg/INTERVIEWS/KVMR_FD.HTML[/url] Donner interview

    [url=http://www.oldnagualnet.com/wtg/INTERVIEWS/KVMR_TA.HTML]http://www.oldnagualnet.com/wtg/INTERVIEWS/KVMR_TA.HTML[/url] Tiasha interview

    Ensonar what’s your take on the subject of using Inorganic Beings energy and the attempt for Total Freedom?

  3. ensonar dice:


  4. regicide dice:


    Just want to clarify any misconceptions :huh:

  5. ensonar dice:

    Yes, correct. I meant to read the articles you linked before I responded, but I haven’t had a free moment to do so yet. But I will try and answer your question anyway.

    Ensonar what’s your take on the subject of using Inorganic Beings energy and the attempt for Total Freedom?

    I don’t really have a take on using inorganic beings for energy. Mainly because I have no personal experience with it. But, I’d say whatever works and doesn’t restrict my or anyone else’s freedom, I see no problem with. Like with anything else, I suppose we weigh our options when we arrive at those options, and then make the best decision possible.

    The attempt for for total freedom? I suppose it’s really the only worthwhile goal in life. Everything else is just playtime. Or in my experience, the closer one gets to freedom, the more everything becomes playtime. Nothing is taken seriously anymore, and everything becomes something to enjoy. The only real decisions are the ones that take us to greater levels of freedom.

  6. regicide dice:

    Hm, sounds like, like, something to remind myself when things get 2 serious. thanks.