Power Plants

Just curious, does anyone here use power plants?

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7 Commentsto Power Plants

  1. BratscheWarrior dice:


  2. ensonar dice:

    yes. i just had some organic beets for lunch. i’ll probably have some organic broccoli for dinner. talk about POWER, delicious

  3. BratscheWarrior dice:

    shit, if we’re talking about organic plants that give us power, i had freakin organic broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms all this week!! I even just had an organic pizza, straight from the pizza tree, topped with organic power plants!!! ūüėÄ GO POWER PLANTS!!!

  4. Nick dice:

    I have used some power plants. To start with I gained some valuable insights about the right way to live. But then I became seduced by the way they made me feel. And then I sought shelter from lifes problems. Now my health is damaged. I learned some hard lessons. To use power plants requires great inner strength, they are wise but hard teachers.

  5. blu129 dice:

    No-as i dont have the Sonoran desert in my back garden.

  6. quietxkiller dice:

    most power plants dont grow in the sonora, genius.

  7. ensonar dice: