How to Recapitulate?

I`m trying to find a concise method of how to go about Recapitulation. I have not read all CC books yet.

Which books explain recapitulation the most fully?
(firefox – I remember you gave me some details on this ages ago some of which I read – then I lost the email)

Is there anywhere on the net where there`s a concise description of how to go about it?

If not, is anyone willing to have a stab at creating one?

Should I read all the books before I begin?



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8 Commentsto How to Recapitulate?

  1. BratscheWarrior dice:

    You bring up the moment to be recapitulated. You turn your head to the left. You fan your head to the right, breathing in, taking back the emanations you left behind during that moment. After you fan to the right, you fan back to the left, exhaling out all the emanations/feelings the person being recapitulated left with you, repeat the fanning breathes as many times as necessary. Then exhale out the last bit of air in your lungs while quickly fanning left then right. Move your head to the center and breath normally.

    Then lather, rinse and repeat. <_<

  2. ensonar dice:

    The books with most detailed descriptions of the recapitulation are Carlos Castaneda’s “The Eagle’s Gift” and Taisha Abelar’s “The Sorcerer’s Crossing”. Also I believe Carlos’ book, “Magical Passes” has another good description.

  3. forfuckssake dice:

    In “The Active Side of Infinity” Don Juan offers Carlos the secret option to the recapitulation — ‘Just like dying…’

  4. smellyfart dice:

    Maybe you can shed some more light on the subject?


  5. forfuckssake dice:

    I doubt that I can! At least on a forum like this. The only way I or anybody else could shed light on it would be with his/her own experience. Like most things worth doing. It can only be resolved through action in your own situation.

    It’s a catch-22.

    If you enhance your true mind and, by proxy, starve the foreign installation then your internal chatter will begin to wittle away. You will be compelled to recapitulate. But there won’t be a need to label it ‘recapitulation’… past experiences will just resurface.

    I guess it comes down to underestimating the effect of what it means to stop the internal dialogue. If you’re not recapitulating, then what are you doing? Whatever that might be, it will be dictated by the pseudo-concerns of everyday life; ie, petty thoughts.

    If you’re mind truly stops, the world stops.

  6. regicide dice:

    Which is harder? Purposefully starving the foriegn mind, or sitting on your bum? At this point I am past rationally thinking about why I’m doing this or that. I feel like I’ve walked past the point of finding the ‘way back’ but I haven’t tried to yet, so who knows? How exciting! I really would like to ‘formally recapp’ but I just can’t right now.

  7. BratscheWarrior dice:

    Well can’t ya sit on yer bum AND starve the foreign installation? Think energetic thoughts. Starve the shit out of them (do flyers shit?).

  8. blu129 dice:

    how do you think energetic thoughts?