Cd – The First Gate f Dreaming

For those who have practiced with this CD: are there specific passes that correspond to the music or can you practice any passes with the music?

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2 Commentsto Cd – The First Gate f Dreaming

  1. ensonar dice:

    I haven’t used or even heard it yet, but I’ve been curious for a while. How do you like it so far?

  2. BratscheWarrior dice:

    i don’t have it yet. i’m just wondering if i do get it, if i need to know how to do certain passes that were shown only at seminars. If that’s the case, i won’t get it cuz i’ve never been to one.

    i did try to order it a year ago, but the good old post office lost it. An omen maybe?

    There are samples on the cleargreen site if you want to hear little snippets of the cd.