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History of the forum and why is closed

Some years Ago i purchased the domains nagualism.com and others related with the idea of Nagualism, because i know Nagualism is not a commerce, and the relative work of Carlos Castaneda is only one of the sources of Nagualism, used by merchants.

Nagualism, is for many, the path to escape of reality with some books, created by Carlos Castaneda, and some others.. majority are merchants of the divine… of the human will.

In 2006, one guy known as ensonar contact me via Email and askme about the price of the domain Nagualism.com. The domain is not for sale, I said, and explain him the reasons i purchase some domains to block the merchants of the divine. I loan the domain without cost, with the promise of never sold or ask for money for domain related services.

In 2006, the forum software called Invision 1.2 was free and the domain forum was mounted in that software.

In 2008 and later ensonar dont put attention in the forum, and forum have a slow death.

Today, April 13 of 2011, i migrate that old domain forum, and pass to mybb. for other reasons, was converted mainly to simplify my life and the manage of my dedicated servers. Was delayed because other convertors dont allow save the personal messages. Now was possible.

Techincal data: Domain can be migrated without problems to SMF, but cant be migrated directly to Mybb. I do a invision>smf>phpbb3>mybb route.

I have three paths of manage the forum:

1 ) dont do nothing and put in smf only. I choose dont do that, because i am making a live motto of only use drupal, mybb if possible.

2 ) migrate TEMPORAL to phpbb 3 and then convert to drupal. i do but the main idea i have for the domain, drupal is not the best option.

3 ) migrate TEMPORAL to phpbb 3 and then convert to Mybb. I do that, because now is more easy manage and merge many mybb forums, that diff forum softwares.

In the future, surely i go to something with the domain, but i dont think make a forum here soon, Reasons and many, and common technical sense… others are this type of forums are pointless. I explain why later.

Then, mybb is the middle step of a long plan idea. One thing mybb allos, is the merge of users. I Merge the three identities I find of ensonar (ensonar, sarah and another dont remember now), and erase the people who never log or talk here.

The private messages was converted too.

These users was erased:

1 ) People with 0 messages and 0 personal messages
2 ) Merge the three accounts of the ensonar user.
3 ) some bots banned but existents in the users table.

Check the main site soon. This forum will be for read only for some time.


I haven’t read much here about Gazing. Are others finding it as hard as I am?

A topic O’ the day

Why don’t we have something where a select group of people (who ever signs up) picks a topic every day. That way we allways have something to talk about (and hopefully act about). Also I feel that we should all play scrabble together every-other wednesday (except for the last wednesday of every odd month) I have a colon cleanse on that day… just kidding, about the scrabble. But I am totally serious about the topic dejour so whudya think?

My suggestion….. Curious? lol

I was thinking we should all be in more contact and discuss things more… perhaps a chat … msn, or web-based, if thats a possibility for the webmasters, and advertising… keep people interested in this information by what-ever means….
Or maybe making a section where we can ‘pick appart’ other ‘religeous’ inventories and relate their stories to the sorcerers view of the world.. Like looking at other religeons in such a way where we can… ‘see’ what they were talking about.. how-ever abberated they were… in such a way we would be new seers freeing people from their ‘closed’ versions of reality… or their closed versions of the unknown…..