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Road Trip

Hi all,
Well as some of you know I will be off next week on my trip.
I will be going down to Casa Blanca then to Vicom.
From there i will head to Mazatlan where i will cross Over through the Espinazo del Diablo in Durango then a small part of Zacatecas and into San Luis Potosi.
From there I will Cross Over to Veracruz and then to Cancun.

If any of you fall In my Path it will be great meeting you,
Just let me Know.


Dream time or Ensueño

Hi Again,

According to Don Juan,
The World we live in now is only a description that was given to us at birth. (I agree)
But then he talks about how we need to undo the ways thing are or stop time (the world)
Ok then my question is that when we are in Ensueño or dream time, why do we continue to use the same description of the world that was given to us at birth? What description should we apply?
I don’t know too much about this so I’m just trying to understand…


How does Nagualism apply to modern life?

I read on the temezcal, How it has evolved to better suite us now in day. For example, the floors are made of concrete, and the entries are bigger in order to allow people in wheelchairs to pass easily.

Maybe Nagualism has not evolved and maybe there is no need for it to evolve, but how does the path adapt itself ? How do we adapt this life to modern time?

Hola Soy Nuevo

Hi All,
You can call me Quetzal,
Its been about 10 years since I been on a path that’s lead me everywhere
And finely here.

I’ve been studying this for some time under the guidance of my teacher. (He is not a nagual)

And I never thought to put a name to what I’ve been learning but its become clear to me that the bit of what I learned so far
Can be called the beginning…

Anyways, on the 14th and 15th of April I will receive the munay-ki rites,

And after I will make arrangements to leave on a journey in finding a nagual who will teach me the ways of a nagual.

I am a bit scared, cause I don’t know what my journey holds but I will go, As of right now I am planning this on my own.

I am not apposed to having a companion. (I prefer a Female) but any companion will be good.
I am making this journey on a mountain bike. Backpacks and a tent.

The roads I will take I have not decided but I will know in the coming weeks.
If anyone is interested please respond.

Vivo en Tijuana (Soy Pocho) y mi español No es muy bueno pero si lo hablo lo suficiente
If you are interested you will need the following.

Mountain Bike



You can only bring what is needed

You need to be athletic and a very strong determination.

The purpose of this journey is to find and become a nagual.
That is the whole goal.