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Concerning the Assemblage Point

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(Question posed to Lujan) Hrm… in a new light, would I be correct to assume that the assemblage point is liken to:

Reality pours into our ‘assemblage point’ or nervous systems unhindered but our awareness or ‘focus’ point and it is only on a specific amount of this information. … We receive 400,000,000,000 bits of information into our nervous system every second but our awareness is only on 2000 bits of that information…. The nervous system normally transfers this information along specific bands, or frequencies and is carried along to various centers in the brain. Giving us the impression of smelling a flower as opposed to smelling a color … although with ‘drugs’ we release the assemblage point, or nervous system of its regular function and the bands and frequencies mix… and we begin to smell colors and hear flowers, etc..

Thus, with this being said. Another note on Tangibility and InTangibility….

Everything that has a past, WAS Tangible and has passed away.
Therefore the YOU that ate breakfast this morning is DEAD
You exist eternally in NOW… The Future is also DEAD and the you the exists in the FUTURE must be Resurrected, before it can be Tangible. This process is tricky and confusing for some. We have to Resurrect various PAST, or DEAD experiences to draw from, and assemble these experiences in a manner inwhich we are capable to manifest their intentions onto the FUTURE.

A good experiment to keep in mind here would be..
A scientist did a study on patients who were to recieve brain surgery, they used a local anistetic(sp?) to numb the location of the skull that was to be removed… and while the patient was awake they stimulated ‘her’ finger and assumed it would take a certain amount of time to reach the individuals brain… much to their surprise it was instantaneous, so they decided to map the brain and find the location that was stimulated after touching the finger, and without the patient being aware they would than stimulate the site ON the brain, and assumed it would also be instantaneous, BUT they found that it actually took a few minutes to go from the brain to ‘REALITY’ or Feeling it on the finger…. Which tells you immediately that Reality takes much dedication, belief and focus to manifest, and it proves that reality is recorded in the brain immediately but requires an editor to make any sense of its recordings.(RECAPITULATION) …. and it ALSO involves NOT drawing from negative past experiences (Destroying personal history)… making it something you can go through like an inventory, to take what you NEED out of it… also RECAPITULATING also creates a NEW neural net that RE-ASSOCIATES past experiences with new concepts and realities.

Therefore we are eternal, existing in Eternal Nows, Resurrecting the DEAD and Manifesting Reality from inaccurate mathematical calculations we are entering BAD math into our lives daily, but resurrecting DEAD beings and concepts (a ‘being’ is a composition of concepts) when it isn’t beneficial… a verse that stands out in my mind is one refering to ADAM… “If he was worthy of you he would not have perished”…

Everything we think we are is already DEAD, it is Intangible… yet we roll it around our head, and rattle it out as a Tangible effect in a Tangible playground…. Nothing is NEW…. Nothing is OLD.

Continuation of Post and Ideology
in response to other posts

Remember the eyes hold the intent…. HOLD… Whatever flows through the eyes is stored in our vast neural net… but really its quite useless until we EDIT the tape … or Recapitulate our experiences.. we see reality colored by our past experiences… but this doesn’t explain the fact that we color our past experiences with certain colors… What I mean is, we judge what happened in the past, … if we don’t re-assess the information in a new light, it will keep the energy signatures that we gave it when it was stored… which is why recapitulation is very important… that means constant recapitulation, it never ends (as long as you have things entering your eyes.. I have a very hard time explaining this… but … we age until a certain point.. where we finally understand stuff… I call it waking up… once you wake up, you have to understand that our past or (dreams) are still colored with the energy signatures we gave them before, so we have to … correct the past, … its an odd concept saying that by acting now, I can effect the past… but this is true… ..

another thing …
the nervous system.. is .. ‘grown’ .. or rather.. (this is a hard concept as well) .. but .. the information comes in, in ‘bands’ .. like ribbons, or strings.. of information, strings of 1’s and 0’s .. (if you want to think of binary) .. and eventually they get comfortable.. certain strings find places where they are more accepted, .. like the information for smelling flowers is better receieved along the olfactory nerves and not the opitical nerves..
Although it is quite simple to INTEND to VIEW scent.. to switch through your ‘senses’ for everything is the best thing … until you get to the point where you are taking in all information through all centers.. (much much practice) .. . Our bodies are very powerful.. it was made for a reason… theres a reason why people think it is GOD, or utterly powerful… Death is the result of improper protein production in the brain… Death is also the result of the PAST… which is an intangible thing, if you intend for it to be an intangible thing…
the nervous system takes in all the information, but some (most) of the information has not yet found an accepted path to take… we have… pre-measured our information intake, pre-measured against our past.

Think of it this way, … as in, SuperPosition..

There is ONE Tangible object, yet it is in 3,000 places…
all of those 3,000 seemingly seperate objects are ONE Object.
A person would attempt to measure the ONE object by measuring what they think is ONE of the 3,000 …but as soon as you take one of those away from the other 2,999 the wave function collapses and all of the other 2,999 seemingly seperate objects are destroyed…
This happens in the same way in our bodies and our lives..
When we judge something, it snaps into ONE position from the seemingly seperate unlimited positions it was in. But as soon as we judge something, all other things are destroyed and die.

Continuation of Post and Ideology

You never discredited anything, because I was never disputing anything to be discredited, I was merely presenting information. Take it or leave it. None of the words I use are concrete, just like who you think you are isn’t concrete… they are just descriptions of something that is difficult to understand… no-where did Don Juan say that those definitions and words are THEE ONES to use.. he said a sorcerer updates, moves forward WITH Knowledge.

Everything we have learned is dead, because it is past….

Words and concepts are built up to infuse the most emotional response, which is a memory, a memory is where two neurons connect… to create a neuro-net.
A human as a fleshy computer goes through certain sequences…
it first observes,
than it applies past experiences to the observation for various ‘possibilities’ …
than it narrows down the possibilities to the most probable,
than it has a moment of observation which than looks at how it was all encoded,
than it has a moment to recode anything that isn’t to the liking of the programmer,..
Some have better programming tricks.. ūüėČ

The past is dead, the future is dead…. the NOW is beautiful.

Another thing is applying knowledge in a practical manner. lol *cough* tensegrity *cough*.. MANY cultures have MANY ways of doing it… but doing something and fully understanding something are two different things.

Continuation of Post and Ideology

:you can use it to your advantage.

:And what advantage could possibly be used that is a mystery?

¬† ¬† Isn’t a mystery something that is not advantageous to the self?

    And when one is within this mystery, the only advantage is the inaccessibility of living that mystery by virtue of not knowing yourself.

    What do you think?

Excellent, Excellent..

The advantage of being a mystery … is that a mystery is not pre-measured… (unless you are unfortunate enough to have measured mystery.. )

If you are to percieve mystery to be foul and unadvantageous that is a horrible horrible outlook on the vastness

and I truly wish to address this statement..

:And when one is within this mystery, the only advantage is the inaccessibility of living that mystery by virtue of not knowing yourself.

You can NEVER be ‘within’ the Mystery.. that is unwise… You ARE the mystery… that is what you will come to know when you KNOW yourself.
you can ONLY be disadvantaged by that if you percieve yourself to be IN something and not BEING something.

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Salvia Divinorum as a Recapitulation Tool

G-protein coupled, seven transmembrane segment
receptors (GPCRs or 7TM receptors) are the largest
superfamily of proteins in the body.1,2 Currently, more
than 60% of drugs target GPCRs.

According to this and the documentation I’ve read… Salvia Divinorum communicates/target the largest superfamily of proteins in the body… considering Salvia Divin(e)orum is used to divine answers … and has been known to work for many different ‘practicioners’ ..

Many trips are said to be of geometric shapes and patterns… (some call them sacred, or sacred geometry)

… We should all know that we cannot directly speak to our cells… our languages are barriers… but… IMO… I think that Salvia moves our assemblage point to our cells… or … well .. not cells.. but to a different awareness.. one which brings up vivid memories of past events in ones life during the 3-4 days after smoking a good session of salvia…
The three to four days following smoking a good session of salvia I found myself having thoughts pop into my head about past events in my life… It’s pretty intense stuff…
during the high,. .. its … so intense and the assemblage point is moved so far, one can barely remember anything… anything one says is usually highly incoherent or unrelatable to anything… but people usually recollect being at a cusp… a decision.. a very pertinant one…
usually with two decisions…
sometimes people skip that phase altogether, and .. perhaps.. ‘choose’ … one of the ‘directions’ … and end up in a place where colors and shapes and geometric patterns are superimposed or over-layed over your regular ‘vision’ .. even with eyes open…
or other times… people skip that phase altogether… and are transported places where ‘entities’ speak to them and give them very life changing advice they can ‘never’ remember…
people can also … move the assemblage point or shift it… depending on the person and the dose… but it is very powerful stuff.. and I recommend using it with INTENT… or … according to silent knowledge..

Perhaps it opens up our mind to scenarios handed to our conciousness through our cells …

Visualization is amazing.. its a way of communicating knowledge to people subliminally or to communicate concept or knowledge… sort of like a silent play…
or when two people of different languages have to communicate, they have to act out what they are trying to relay.. because words just simply don’t work.

Interesting Eye…..

Well I’ll just start this in story format instead of trying to explain anything..

I am currently taking monatomic/diatomic products. (iridium and rhodium and white gold powder) of moderate strength, not particularly powerful.. but very .. consistant.

I decided to go outside and smoke a quick bowl of cannabis… I did so and proceed to go and sit in a relaxed-style plastic lawnchair… near the fire pit in my backyard.. ( a very big fire pit circled by rocks) … but I was quite a distance away… facing the fire-pit and also facing the sun… I sat relaxed.. did some breathing exercises to slow my heart-rate…. and closed my eyes and faced the sun… so I could see it through my eyes…

I sat and attempted to silence my thoughts… when I noticed a eye-floaty… (I hope you know what eye-floaters are…) so I noticed one… and had a good amount of control focusing on it… to examine it… I noticed it came from the right side… like it was to my right, but in my mind.. not outside of me… (obviously because eye floatys occur in the eyes…) and not outside of them… but yet… it had the appearance of having depth… (after awhile that is) …

and than upon closer inspection I noticed its outline.. was somewhat an outline of an eye… a left eye… side-profile..
and than my thoughts were grasping for explanations.. so I thought my mind was creating this.. (like I was presenting explanations or creating order in an utter chaos situation) but than I expected it further… because if my mind was creating it, I could ‘shut’ my mind off and observe it again as an eye floaty… but it wouldn’t … infact instead of returning to an eye floaty it blinked…. now it was unmistakable to me that either I was vividly hallucinating or something I couldn’t explain was occuring…. and as that thought occured.. I noticed it turned from being side profile and faced me…. all I seen (because of my stubburn focus) was the eye, and a bit of its surrounding shape… it was my eye… looking at me…
and it ‘zoomed’ in .. and I could see in the reflection of the eye, that I was what I was looking at… it was ‘another’ me… looking at me.. .. it was such a profound experience .. it was unexpected to say the least.

The Nagual and Gnosticism

I read a lot of stuff, and can’t help but see similarities between a lot of things I read.

I find this particular quote from the gospel of st thomas interesting..

Jesus said, “It is to those who are worthy of my mysteries that I tell my mysteries. Do not let your left (hand) know what your right (hand) is doing

Could he possibly be talking about the obvious problem of remembering what happens when in heightened awareness?


Jesus said, “The heavens and the earth will be rolled up in your presence. And the one who lives from the living one will not see death.” Does not Jesus say, “Whoever finds himself is superior to the world?”

Is this not describing finding your ‘light-body’ .. or the ‘dreaming-self’ …

rolled up in our presence… meaning this particular set of emanations?

I don’t mean to be totally off-topic, or on-topic… I was just wondering if anyone has taken anything from anything else they’ve read and applied it to don juans teachings as well..

My suggestion….. Curious? lol

I was thinking we should all be in more contact and discuss things more… perhaps a chat … msn, or web-based, if thats a possibility for the webmasters, and advertising… keep people interested in this information by what-ever means….
Or maybe making a section where we can ‘pick appart’ other ‘religeous’ inventories and relate their stories to the sorcerers view of the world.. Like looking at other religeons in such a way where we can… ‘see’ what they were talking about.. how-ever abberated they were… in such a way we would be new seers freeing people from their ‘closed’ versions of reality… or their closed versions of the unknown…..

The Use Of Salvia Divinorum

Could it be the spirit giving us a good way of learning these techniques?… I’ve personally used salvia quite a bit, without using any of the knowledge of don juan, but I find it odd, almost everyone who takes it is instantly transported to a position of choosing two awareness’s or two realities.. and a lot of people have no idea which reality they chose…

in my normal awareness I’m actually really hesitant of smoking salvia.. but once I’m ‘high’ .. I ‘somewhat’ enjoy it… but always utilize parts of my inventory… I was wondering if anyone has any information or experiences of their own?…. Could be a good discussion…

Salvia divinorum is a perennial labiate used for curing and divination by the Mazatec Indians of Oaxaca, Mexico…. I know its the MAZatecs.. but still … It is VERY powerful in the shifts/movements it creates. They use it to divine things… in my understanding that means it strengthens the link between intent and us… or something similar.. I can’t explain…. I just never have an intent when smoking it other than to ‘see’ what happens.. usually more literally than not.. ‘with eyes’… not with silent knowledge.

Questions Concerning Alignment

I was personally wondering is it possible to will, or intend emanations coming from outside to not align with the ones inside? …. I’m not sure if I worded that correctly, anyone know what I mean?

Greetings, Hol-a, Allo? A-loh?

I’m speechless…. (Of course I am, I’m typing.. oh the humour)…

How is everyone. I’m Dave. I’ve read up to the seventh book, so far, working on the eighth…
Glad to see a place to gather and distribute some energy….