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Not a lot around here…

Its been kind of dead here… how are you all doing?

Favorite Author

Who is your favorite author, besides Carlos Castaneda of Toltec Teachings? Personally, I like the down to earth style of Theun Mares, but his books are hard to find these days.

Power Plants

Just curious, does anyone here use power plants?

Don Juan a Demon?

“The Nagual is not a human,” she said.

“What makes you say that?”

“The Nagual is a devil from who knows what time.”

What do you guys think this means? Is she misguiding him or does it shed light on Don Juan?

Beginning Passes

I am thinking about starting magical passes. I am going to do them everyday and I was wondering if anybody has a suggestion as to which series I should start with.


Hello. My name is Calvin and I am 17. I found Carlos Castaneda books a couple of years ago, and I was hooked. Since then, I have been reading any book I can get about Toltec and Nagualism, and I try to follow the warriors way as best I can. I joined this forum because I was interested in talking to other people about Nagualism to expand my knowledge a little bit.

Meditation Question

I have been wondering about something. Recently when I was meditating, I started to have a tickling feeling just below my throat, in between my collar bones and it kept getting stronger until it almost hurt. Does anybody know why this happens? Any information would be useful.

Online Teachers, or Business Men?

After looking around on the internet for a toltec teacher that i could possibly email to ask one question, it quickly occured to me that all of the online “masters” charge you for any type of contact, and if you can contact them, its to set up some sort of class where you have to pay money. Personally, I wouldnt trust them. What are your thoughts on this matter?